March 23, 2022

3 Types of Floor Care Upkeep

At Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems, we specialize in floor cleaning services. We have the equipment and products necessary to address any of your floor servicing needs. We can provide carpet floor cleaning services, hardwood floor cleaning services, and tile floor cleaning services. Our specialists are trained and certified on the most current cleaning approaches. These are the top 3 types of floor upkeep necessary to maintain attractive, safe flooring:

1. A Hardwood Cleaning Service Can Restore Hardwood

Hardwood is beautiful flooring. A hardwood floor cleaning service needs to know how to restore and retain the luster of the hardwood. Many businesses are now opening in older buildings with genuine hardwood floors. These locations have been empty for 10-20 years, and the floors need restorative services before opening. We are proud of the work we have done with hardwood floor treatments. With the proper treatments, you will have floors that make you proud. We can clean, condition, and seal your floors. We will set you up on a hardwood floor cleaning service contract for maintenance. We would condition your floors regularly to keep them eye-catching.

Considerations for hardwood floors include dust and scratches. The floor will be very slippery if there is a build-up of dust. The last thing you need is for a client to fall on your premises. Sweep or dust your floors each night. We advise our clients to place felt pads under their table legs and chairs so they will not scratch flooring. Deep scratches are difficult to repair or cover up.

2. Treat Dingy Tile with Tile Floor Cleaning Services

Tile is a good choice for long-term flooring. The drawback is that tile and grout are porous. This means that dirt, stains, and contaminants embed themselves in the material. This leaves your floor looking dull and blurred. You may sweep and mop regularly, but your floor has lost its luster. Clients may notice discolored grout that almost looks rotten. The solution to this problem is a good tile cleaning floor service. At Eagles Commercial Cleaning Services, we have the floor treatment products necessary to remedy these problems. We also have the equipment to apply these products on your floor safely. With our floor cleaning services, your tile floor will look as good as you had initially planned. We will also apply a slip-free finish to help prevent accidents.

3. Get Assistance Refreshing Your Carpets

Carpeting can be difficult to maintain. Fluid spills soak into the carpet and become unseen. By not toweling up the liquid immediately, it can leave stains on your carpet. If it seeps into the carpet, it can also develop an odor that your customers might notice. If there is enough liquid, it can rot the carpet and even the flooring under the carpet. We have the equipment needed to remove liquid stains and their odors. Our thorough carpet cleaning services will prolong the carpet life and save the boarding under the carpet from rotting. A regular vacuum cleaner may not be strong enough to extract all moisture and prevent damage.

Eagles Commercial Cleaning Services is certified and trained on the most current floor cleaning methods. We are capable of restoring the beauty of your flooring with our floor cleaning services. We have the products, the equipment, the expertise, and the drive to make the most of your floor and your business. Whether you need carpet stain removal, tile and grout cleaning, or hardwood floor restoration services, we can help.

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