About Us


One thing that businesses search for when looking at commercial cleaning companies is one with a proven track record of janitorial services. A notable story that attests to a business is what builds credibility in its services. Without it, it can be challenging to trust a company and the quality of its services.

Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems has a well-founded reputation as a commercial cleaning company in the greater Tampa area and Orlando and is loyal to all its clients. For years, Eagles has consistently met each client's individual janitorial needs with its customizable services tailored to each task. Our team is excited to share our story of better serving the central Florida region.


For decades, there was a need in the greater Tampa area for reputable and effective commercial janitorial services. Restaurants, hospitals, and many more businesses sought cleaning companies who set high standards in their work. In 2006, founders Ted and Kathy Hirst launched Eagles because they saw and perfectly understood what these businesses were hoping to find.

The Hirsts brought 30 years of dedicated and hardworking experience to their new business, allowing them to create a reliable and excellent cleaning service model. Eagles began to set the bar for professional cleaning services and top-grade business practices. Its team members apply commercial-grade and CDC- and OSHA-approved products to fulfill these standards when sanitizing clients’ workspaces.

Additionally, thanks to franchisees under Eagles, its cleaning crew has utilized advanced tools and technologies to serve their local regions better. These toolkits ensure that every workspace is cleaned and maintained thoroughly and efficiently. If you are a prospective customer interested in starting a franchise, come check out our franchising opportunities inquiry page!


Eagles Fly Higher in the Cleaning Industry!




Sloane Straughen was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her business knowledge began at a young age when she acquired and invested in stocks. Continuing into high school, she capitalized on trading these stocks to raise funds for her finances, future travels abroad, and education. Additionally, she focused on diversifying and building her business portfolio, creating the foundation for her success.

After graduating from high school, she pursued her education at the University of Florida. Upon completing her program, she earned an Associate's degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Economics. Her skill set, education, and tenacity prepared her to productively spearhead Eagles' entire operation as CEO to better serve the greater Tampa area.

Outside of work, Ms. Straughen has traveled to over 68 countries. While exploring each location, she participated in cooking classes, gaining much knowledge of each country's cuisine and recipes. Ms. Straughen not only strives to ensure the success of Eagles, but she also denotes a strong appreciation for many cultures.




Jesse Ellsworth maintained an impressive track record in the field of horticulture, working across various industries. For over ten years, he gained and applied substantial knowledge of agriculture in his work. To develop and expand his skills set toward his career, he enrolled at Florida Southern College, earning a Bachelor's degree in Horticulture Science.

Impressively, Mr. Ellsworth pursued his endeavors abroad, learning more about and working in agriculture. To further build on his education, he graduated from the University of Florida with a Master's degree in Agribusiness focused on Food and Resource Economics. Afterward, with much studying and preparation, he passed the Florida Real Estate License Exam.

Mr. Ellsworth took an interest in business brokerage, particularly in the Tampa area. Since then, he has effectively managed Eagles' executive functions and routines as its COO. His expertise as a business broker has allowed him to help people value, sell, and buy businesses.