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It is not a secret that the banking industry can be quite competitive, and it is important for a bank to make the right first impression. Having a dirty or unkempt bank could be the difference in customers deciding whether to keep their money and valuables there or not. A bank receives a lot of foot traffic, and there are numerous hands touching many surfaces. This is why thorough bank cleaning services are incredibly important to maintain image and hygiene.

Your Bank Cleaning Contractors

Eagles Cleaning is highly experienced in providing high-quality cleaning services to banks. Read below to see the services we can offer to keep your bank looking great!

Bank Janitorial Services

Addressing Commonly Touched Areas

The highly touched areas in banks are our main focus when we provide bank cleaning services. With so many hands passing over items and surfaces, a lot of bacteria, germs, dirt, and more can be left behind. We make sure to properly clean and sanitize these surfaces to minimize the potential spread of anything left behind. This is especially important in the times of Covid-19 to help keep bank customers safe and healthy.

Spotless Bank Floors

With the high amount of foot traffic that a bank receives, it is expected for the floors to get pretty dirty. Fortunately, we are experts when it comes to properly cleaning floors, no matter what material.

For carpet, we may offer an initial shampooing to handle any built-up dirt and grime deep in the fibers and to handle any old stains. Afterward, we will use sweeping, properly placed mats, and HEPA filter-equipped vacuums to keep carpets well maintained. For hard floors, we will sweep, mop, and even buff them to keep them sanitized as well as looking bright and shiny. If a hard floor is in rough shape, we may recommend stripping and refinishing to protect it.

Restroom Cleaning

It is critical for the restrooms of any business to be well maintained. Restrooms can be host to a wide array of bacteria and germs, which is why they need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected to protect the health of bank customers. When we clean a restroom, we will thoroughly address the toilets, sinks, stall doors, handles, floors, and more to make sure everything is ready to go for customers every day.

We Keep it Green in All of Our Services

Eagles Cleaning is dedicated to using green cleaning services to provide the best possible results for your business. Many of the common cleaning chemicals leave behind harsh odors that can cause irritation, but our green-certified chemicals are safe, biodegradable, and fragrance-free. We also use a color-coded system for our chemicals and cleaning cloths to avoid the chance of cross-contamination during cleaning. Our green chemicals are just as effective as the harsh options out there, so you do not have to worry about sacrificing proper cleaning and disinfecting.

Ready for Eagles Cleaning to Get Your Bank Looking Better Than Ever?

We are looking forward to working with you and your bank to keep it thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for customers. We know that every business is unique and this is why we provide customized cleaning plans. When we first begin to work together, we will get to know your business, what it needs, and what additional services you would like, which allows us to craft the perfect cleaning service plan. Even better, we are dedicated to our high-quality standard, so if there is anything unsatisfactory, we will be sure to remedy it. If you have any questions about our cleaning services, you can contact our home office or your closest franchise location.

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