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Eagle Cleaning’s Temple and Church Cleaning Services

Here at Eagles Cleaning, we understand that your place of worship is extremely valued by you and all of your congregants. It is important for these spaces to be kept clean and in order so that you and your community can concentrate on your services. This is why we have the perfect temple and church cleaning service plans available that will keep your sacred space in tip-top shape while being minimally invasive. Continue reading to learn about the services that we can offer for places of worship.

Temple and Church Janitorial Services

Disinfecting and Sanitizing

One of our primary focuses in cleaning places of worship is to properly clean and disinfect various surfaces and items that are frequently touched. When a lot of hands are passing over items or surfaces, they can become a hotbed for bacteria and germs. This can include items like books, candle holders, and much more. We are sure to thoroughly sanitize these items so that they will be safe for everyone that comes afterward.


Over the course of several services or gatherings, the seating can become dirtied or contaminated. We want to make sure that those who come to worship are able to do so without worrying about the seating situation. Our team will properly wipe down and disinfect all pews, chairs, and more to ensure that they are ready for whoever sits there next.


Dusting is a task that is often neglected, which can lead to dust and grime building up. Not only does this not look presentable, but it can also cause issues for those with allergies. It can be hard to focus on worship when allergies are acting up. As part of our regular church janitorial services, we will be sure to dust all of the common areas, as well as the hard-to-reach spots where lots of dust can hide.

Floor Cleaning

Places of worship can see a lot of foot traffic over the course of events and services, which can leave the floors pretty dirty. Our cleaning service plans will make sure that the floors stay in tip-top shape. If it is a carpeted floor, we may recommend a shampooing to begin with, as this will take care of dirt and grime that is deep in the fibers. We will then maintain it with regular sweeping and vacuuming. If it is a hard floor, we will use sweeping, mopping, and buffing methods to keep the floor looking like it is brand new. In some cases, a hard floor may have seen a lot of wear over time, and we may recommend that it should be stripped and refinished to protect it.

Green Cleaning

We only use green cleaning methods and chemicals to help protect you and your congregation. Many commercial chemicals can leave behind a harsh odor that can be irritating to those occupying the space after cleaning. Our green-certified chemicals on the other hand are fragrance-free, biodegradable, safe, and just as effective as their harsher counterparts. Our cleaning cloths and chemicals are also color-coded to avoid cross-contamination.

Church and Temple Cleaning Services to Keep Your Place of Worship Clean and Sanitized

Eagles Cleaning has worked with numerous places of worship, and we are looking forward to helping keep yours clean as well. We know that your space is important and unique, and it deserves the right attention to detail. This is why we will work with you to create a customized cleaning plan that is designed to fit what the space needs and what you would like included. If you have any questions about our services, you can reach us at our home office or call the closest franchise location.

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