December 15, 2021

Commercial Cleaning 101: Four Hotspots Where Office Germs Tend to Thrive

From eight o’clock in the morning until five in the afternoon, the office is a space where people come to perform well in their jobs. These workers make phone calls, hold meetings and complete many other tasks in the building. These tasks keep the company on track with its financial goals, networking goals, or other objectives. However, as people walk through the office every day and use different office supplies, germs are left behind.

Over time, these germs begin to build up more and more, posing a risk to the health of these office workers. Because of this issue, business leaders need to ensure that their employees’ workplace is properly sanitized. Doing so allows these businesses to abide by workplace safety laws. To keep its office clean, they need to hire reliable companies with commercial cleaning services. The Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems staff knows where germs will most likely build up in office spaces.

Office Desks

As office employees sit and work, they use an assigned desk in their cubicle or private office. While doing so, they may also bring take-out food from a restaurant and eat it at their desks during lunch. Not to mention many employees enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the morning to re energize themselves for the rest of the day. Whatever food or drinks these workers bring to their desks, there are many instances where spills can happen. If these spills are left unsanitized, they can develop bacteria over time, posing a risk for office workers ingesting germs.


One of the most common tools used in the office is a laptop, computer, or any other device with a keyboard. As workers type information in emails, complete data entry or complete other tasks, their fingers constantly touch the keys. When they perform at their job, the oils and bacteria from their hands can transfer to their keyboard. Moreover, with the spread of COVID-19, it is vitally important to ensure that their computer is kept sanitized. If not, employees can catch the virus from touching the keys. It is also worth noting that, further contaminating the keyboard, dust from the air can settle between the keys.

Kitchen Space

Typically, there is a kitchen or break room where employees microwave their lunch in an office. Or perhaps they leave cookies for their co-workers during the holidays or store snacks in the food pantry to enjoy after work. Whatever the reason, office workers store food every day in this kitchen space. Day to day in the kitchen, crumbs, meat juices or other food particles accumulate in the kitchen. If this space is left unclean, bacteria and germs can develop from leftover food. As a result, when employees store their lunches in the fridge, these germs can contaminate their food. So, when workers eat their meals during lunch, they can ingest bacteria.


Almost all employees use the restroom during a nine-to-five workday. Because of this, harmful bacteria and mold often accumulate around the toilet or urinal, leaving it in an unsanitized state. Moreover, the toilet seat and flusher handle can carry unhealthy germs. Employees wash their hands after using the toilet, leaving soap scum on the sink. This residue can be dangerous as it develops bacteria over time, creating another way for these workers to contract these germs. The floors can also be slippery from leaking toilet water in the restroom. Because of this, companies need to regularly keep their floors mopped to prevent any slips and falls.

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