Deep Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

When it comes to a business or even a home, there are certain areas that take more abuse and traffic than other areas. One of the largest of these is carpet. Not only does carpet take a lot of abuse, but it is also great at storing a lot of what it receives. The design of carpet makes it appealing to have in a business for the look and cushion that it offers, but the fibers become hidden traps for everything, including dirt, mud, spills, food, bacteria, and much more. All these particles trapped in the carpet fibers may not be visible, but they are there and can actually damage the carpet over time.

This is why it is important to keep carpet clean and well maintained, and it can also require a thorough deep carpet cleaning shampoo every so often to clear out deeply rooted dirt and grime.

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How Deep Carpet Cleaning Services Help

When a carpet has seen a long time of foot traffic, spills, and other abuse, the dirt and grime get very deep in the fibers. This means that a simple vacuuming is no longer going to cut it for cleaning. When dirt and grime get deep in the fibers, they get stuck and are often too far down for a vacuum to properly suck up. At this point, the only thing that will really help is a deep carpet cleaning. To do this, we will use carpet shampooing equipment to get whatever is trapped deep down in the carpet.

What Happens During Carpet Shampooing?

When we deep clean a carpet, we use equipment that injects a foaming cleanser deep into the carpet. This cleaning solution is combined with agitation to help bring up anything trapped in the fibers, and it is then sucked up by the equipment. The agitation along with cleanser help to bring up anything that has been trapped in the fibers, and it also helps to eliminate odors from the carpet. We use equipment called a bonnet machine, which is what provides the agitation to help bring up trapped dirt, grime, and more.

How We Tackle Heavy Traffic Areas

Eagles Cleaning has seen carpets of all types and dirtiness levels, which makes us equipped to handle any situation. This is especially true of the carpeted areas that see heavy levels of foot traffic, as these are generally the worst. In many cases, these particularly frequented areas take a bit more work than other areas, but we are up to the task.

We will begin with an initial deep cleaning to get out everything that has been sitting there for an extended period of time. Afterward, it is recommended that your business engages in a cleaning maintenance program with us to help keep your carpet clean for as long as possible. Of course, carpet is always going to trap dirt and grime over time, which means that another deep cleaning will be needed in the future. Although, regular vacuuming, sweeping, and spill cleaning will help push off a deep cleaning for as long as possible.

Eagles Cleaning Systems Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

By contracting with us for regular cleaning, you will help to ensure that your carpet stays looking great for an extended period of time. We employ several services to help keep carpet looking great and to prevent the buildup of dirt, grime, and more.

Firstly, we will provide daily vacuuming to catch anything that is recently tracked in and still on the surface level of the carpet. We will also place appropriate mats to help catch some of the dirt before it makes it to the carpet. To help protect your carpet, we use soil and stain repellent treatments to form a barrier to many of the spills and dirt that will come to the carpet. During this time, staff will also be on the lookout for new stains and spills so that they can be addressed before becoming deeply rooted. While nothing will fully prevent dirt and other contaminants from getting in the carpet eventually, our services will keep them minimized for as long as possible.

Special Treatments Offered by Eagles Cleaning

If you would like even further protection for the carpet in your business, we have some special treatments that can help. Unfortunately, carpet that has seen a lot of spills and traffic can begin to take on an odor, and it is generally unpleasant. After a thorough cleaning, we can treat the carpet with odor counteractants to help prevent any unpleasant smells. When it comes time for a good cleaning, we can also use extraction cleaning, which involves injecting hot water and cleansers into the carpet and immediately sucking it out along with the dirt and grime that it collects.

Eagles Cleaning is Committed to Green Cleaning

One thing that sets us apart from many other cleaning services is our commitment to using green products and methods. To continue this commitment, we use reusable microfiber cloths, tools made out of recycled materials, and cleaners that are up to green standards.

Unfortunately, there are many cleaning companies that still employ harsh chemicals that can be irritating and unhealthy to those exposed to them. When we clean your carpet, you can be sure that it will not cause adverse effects to those working in the space afterward.

Ready to Let Eagles Cleaning Help Restore Your Carpet?

If you want to see the carpet in your business looking great again, let Eagles Cleaning help. We are looking forward to working with your business to make it look as great as possible. Our staff has seen all types and states of carpet, and they are prepared to help you restore and maintain yours. You can be assured that every one of our franchises goes through an extensive training program to make sure that they are well versed in handling any cleaning service that your business may require. If you have any questions about our carpet cleaning or other services, feel free to reach out and ask.

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