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At Eagles Cleaning, we have cleaned large and small businesses, various types of businesses, and all levels of dirty. In some cases, a business that has gone without proper cleaning for some time can get quite filthy. We are never afraid of a challenge, but some of these spaces can take some extra effort to really catch up on the cleaning. This is why we offer our initial detail cleaning service. This service is for businesses that we just started working with, or it can be requested by current businesses we work with if desired. Our initial detailed clean will bring any business up to their and our standards.

What is the Initial Detail Clean?

Our initial clean service is designed to bring the space up to standard, and then we can use that standard to maintain it. Just like detailing a car, this service aims to tackle everything, including the fine details and tasks that are often neglected. As mentioned above, this is to set the workspace to your standard default, and we can then do our normal evening or full-time janitorial services to keep it maintained. Our initial clean does cost extra on top of our normal cleans, but this is because we spend a lot of time and effort to ensure a quality standard.

Equipment Used in an Initial Clean

We use only the best tools and technology to ensure the most thorough cleaning. This includes high-quality chemicals, HEPA filter-equipped vacuums, electrostatic sprayers, fogging equipment, and more. All of these allow us to clean and disinfect every place in your business, no matter how hard it is to reach. In fact, we even have equipment designed specifically to reach difficult areas that are often neglected. Our mindset is that if we are going to do the job, then it will be done right.

Detailing Services

spraying disinfectant during detail cleaning

Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Our initial clean will often include a lot of sanitizing and disinfecting to ensure that various bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants are greatly minimized. Realistically, these kinds of germs can remain on surfaces for quite some time depending on the conditions of the space, which is why regular disinfection is critical as part of our initial and regular cleaning. The initial clean helps to get rid of any germs that are already sitting, and our regular janitorial service helps to keep them in check.

Carpets and Hard Floors

We are well versed in tackling all types of floors, no matter how filthy they may be. We have methods and equipment designed to handle floors that have a lot of build-up or have seen a lot of traffic. For carpets, our initial clean may include a deep shampooing to help remove the dirt and grime that have made their way deep into the fibers where a vacuum cannot reach them. When the carpet has a lot of built-up dirt, grime, and spills, it can lead to it looking very worn and discolored, and may even have an unpleasant smell to it. This is why we also offer special carpet services like odor and spill protection to help safeguard the carpet for the future. For hard floors, this can include a surface refinish if it is damaged or greatly worn, and we will then buff and scrub the floor to have it looking brand new again.

Initial Clean Standards

Our Commitment to Green

Eagles Cleaning is committed to protecting the planet and the health of your employees by staying green. We only use green chemicals that are safe, do not cause irritation, and are biodegradable. There are far too many harsh cleaning chemicals out there that can leave behind irritating odors or residue that is unhealthy for those working in the area.  In addition, we have reusable microfiber cloths to cut down on waste, and our tools are constructed out of recycled materials.

Quality is Our Number One Goal

One major thing that sets our cleaning apart from many other companies is that we always ensure our quality. After our initial clean, we can engage in regular janitorial services for your business. During this time, we will check in with you periodically to survey your satisfaction. We aim to always provide five-star service and if we do not, then we will quickly make it right. If you have any dissatisfaction or areas you would like more focus on, then we can adapt that to our cleaning plan moving forward.

Customized Service

We know that your business is unique and it deserves a cleaning service that is tailored to what it needs. This is exactly why we will consult with you before cleaning to learn about your business, what it needs, and anything that you would like your business to receive. This way, we can provide the exact right cleaning services for your particular business and workspace. Even better, if there is something that you would like changed or added to the cleaning service, then we can alter it in whatever way needed.

Proper Cleaning and Sanitization is a Necessity

Unfortunately, some businesses may look at proper cleaning as a luxury, but this is not the case. It is actually a necessity for many reasons, with the Covid-19 situation making this more true than ever. Good cleaning and sanitization help to offer a good impression for employees and customers entering the business for the first time. If a new customer sees dirt and grime everywhere, it can have a negative impact on their desire to purchase from that business. Furthermore, cleaning and sanitization help to protect the health of employees and customers by minimizing bacteria, viruses, and allergens around the workspace.

Eagles Cleaning

Ready to get your business looking better than ever? Then, let Eagles Cleaning Systems help. We look forward to working with you and your business to get it clean and shiny and keep it that way. Our employees and franchisees go through an extensive training program to make sure that they know how to thoroughly clean and sanitize any workspace. If you have any questions about our services or are ready to have us get started, then give us a call today.

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