Evening Janitorial Services

janitorial services even when it's evening in the city

Since employees are the driving force of the company, it is important that the workspace that they occupy is clean and organized to ensure the best workflow. This is why Eagles Cleaning offers multiple types of janitorial services to keep the office in tip-top shape. We have different packages and options available when it comes to our janitorial services, but a common option chosen by many businesses is to have it done in the evening. This way, it will not interrupt the workday and the janitors will be able to easily access areas that are heavily populated during the day.

Janitorial Cleaning Services Customization for Business Size

No matter the size of your business, we can handle it. In fact, we customize our janitorial cleaning services to ensure the right fit for any type of business. When you first contact us about evening janitorial services, we will discuss what cleaning services are the primary focus and what areas are the most important. We can then create a plan that will make sure your business is clean and ready to go for every new day.

Details are Everything

We pride ourselves on the way we and our franchisees focus on detail when cleaning. Unfortunately, there are cleaning companies out there that will do the bare minimum forms of cleaning and gloss over many important steps, but this is not our stance. Eagles Cleaning is dedicated to doing the job right to ensure that our customers are satisfied and their business is properly cleaned every time. We understand how important your business, employees, and customers are to you and we keep that in mind with the services that we offer.

Keep Employees Healthy

One of the primary reasons to use an evening janitorial service is to help keep employees and customers healthy and safe. Realistically, there can be a lot of people cycling through a business each day, and this can easily lead to a build-up of dust, dirt, bacteria, spores, and more. All of these contaminants can contribute to employees feeling unwell or getting sick, which can lead to missed days and lower productivity. Fortunately, we can help by providing quality cleaning services that help to reduce the number of contaminants and allergens, which will help to keep everyone healthy and productive.

The Important of Sanitization and Disinfecting

Many types of bacteria, viruses, and more can linger for extended periods of time on various types of surfaces. This is why regular cleaning is so important, and this is especially true in the age of Covid-19. Before anyone knows it, viruses and bacteria can easily be spread by being left in kitchens, on desks, and much more. We place a large importance on sanitizing and disinfecting to help greatly minimize the amount of bacteria and viruses hanging around. We even have tools and solutions designed to address even some of the hardest-to-reach areas.

Keeping it Green

Eagles Cleaning is dedicated to helping maintain the environment and people’s health by staying green in our cleaning services. We employ chemicals that are green and safe to use in populated areas of a building. The last thing that we want is for our services to cause further issues with air quality or allergies because of harsh chemicals. We use reusable microfiber cloths, vacuums equipped with HEPA filters to catch even the smallest contaminants, recycled materials, and much more. Even better, our goal is to make going green affordable because we offer these qualities as part of our normal routine, which means there will be no additional cost to the business.

Fully Insured Services

While we pride ourselves on performing our duties without incident, we also want you to have peace of mind about staff being inside of your business. Our home team and all of our franchisees and their employees are fully covered by liability and bond insurance, as well as workers compensation. This way, any potential accident or mistake can be remedied in the proper way. While the possibility of these errors is low, we want customers to feel secure in their choice to work with us by providing a safety net.

Professionalism is Important to Us

Maintaining a professional image is one of the most important factors for a business and we focus on working with you. Every Eagles Cleaning home employee and franchise employee is uniformed, carries a badge, and has a focus on security. They will be sure to adhere to the professional image of any business, which means that managers and owners can feel safe and secure when contracting evening janitorial services with Eagles Cleaning Systems. While we have a job to do, we aim to fit in as part of the normal routine and not be intrusive.

Quality is Everything to Us

When we provide cleaning services to any business, our primary goal will always be that it is done right. In fact, if it is not done right the first time, we will come back to make it right and make adjustments for any future cleanings going forward. Our franchisees will continually monitor and survey the business to make sure that everything is up to their standards and that the services are also meeting our internal five-star standards. The regular quality checks of our services allow the business to communicate anything that they are not happy with or anything that may not be getting done as well as they desire.

We Look Forward to Working with Your Business

If you are looking for high-quality evening janitorial services that are designed specifically for your business and its needs, contact us today. We are always excited to work with new clients and provide the perfect services that they have been looking for. Even better, if you would like more than just evening janitorial services, we have several other services that may be better suited, with everything from full-time janitorial, down to deep cleaning. We look forward to hearing from your business and helping you maintain a high level of cleanliness and employee health.

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