Factory Cleaning Services

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Cleaning Services for Factory and Manufacturing Facilities

Cleaning can be quite a challenge when it comes to manufacturing and industrial facilities. These businesses typically get quite dirty purely as a byproduct of the services that they provide. If they are not employing a cleaning service for the factory regularly, all of the dirt, dust, and grime can easily build up quickly. Fortunately, here at Eagles Cleaning Systems, we are not afraid of a challenge, and we are experienced when it comes to cleaning these types of businesses. Continue reading to find out how we tackle cleaning and disinfecting manufacturing businesses.

Factory Cleaning Services:

High-Frequency Touch Points

One of our primary focuses in cleaning a manufacturing facility, or any business really, is high-frequency touchpoints. These are the areas, items, and surfaces that are frequently contacted by people throughout the day. Realistically, people’s hands can carry a lot of bacteria and other germs, and these can be transferred to whatever they touch. Then, when someone else comes along and touches that surface, it can transfer to the next person. We make sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect various high-frequency touchpoints, such as elevator buttons, handrails, door handles, time clocks, and more. This helps to greatly reduce the spread of various types of germs.


The floors in manufacturing facilities become dirty rather easily through the course of a normal workday. In fact, this is so common that we recommend our evening janitorial service to ensure that the floors are cleaned on a daily basis. In most cases, a manufacturing business will have hard floors, and we tackle these a certain way. Firstly, we will sweep and mop the floor, and if needed, we will also buff it to get it back to shining. Although, if a hard floor has seen far too much wear and tear, we may recommend that the surface coat be stripped and refinished to protect it.

Common Areas

We are always sure to properly clean and sanitize common areas within the facility, such as break rooms, offices, entryways, and more. With the amount of foot traffic that these areas receive, it is common for them to get dirty rather quickly. We address the floors, counters, commonly used surfaces, high-frequency touchpoints, and more to get the space looking great and to mitigate the spread of germs.

We Stick to Green Cleaning in Our Industrial Factory Cleaning Services

When it comes to our cleaning services, we are committed to staying green. Part of our reason for this is to help protect the planet, and it is also to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your employees. Many commercial cleaners primarily consist of harsh chemicals that can leave behind irritating odors and residue. The chemical cleaners that we use on the other hand are safe, biodegradable, and fragrance-free. The last thing we want is to cause irritation issues for employees every time after we clean. Furthermore, we use a color-coded system for our cleaning cloths and chemicals to avoid the chance of cross-contamination.

Eagles Cleaning Systems is Ready to Help Keep Your Manufacturing Facility Cleaner Than Ever

Eagles Cleaning Systems has decades of experience in the cleaning industry, and we work with multiple manufacturing facilities. We want to help get your facility looking great and maintain that state. Realistically, your business is unique, and this is why it deserves a tailored cleaning program. We will work with you to determine what your facility needs and any additional services that you may want. This way, we can craft the ideal cleaning service plan to cover all points. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to contact our home office or the closest franchise location.

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