Everything you need to know about Eagles Commercial Cleaning.


Eagles helps maintain the beauty of your space to keep customers returning, and employees healthy.


Whether you’re a small business owner or the property manager of a medical facility, we will create a plan that is suitable for you.


After we've built your plan, we being our work around your schedule!


At Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems, our hardworking staff cares about any inquiries from valued prospects and customers! All team members understand that for janitorial companies to provide quality services means addressing any client concerns or questions. That is why, at Eagles, the FAQ page is provided to address common questions received. That way, when customers research our company and its services, they have answers on hand to any questions they may have about Eagles. The following are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

As a janitorial company, Eagles understands the importance of disinfecting clients’ facilities with the proper cleaning chemicals. Here, the company takes pride in its franchisees and their implementation of safe and certified products. These products are CDC- and OSHA-approved to ensure that safe and professional services are provided to clients.

Eagles provides commercial janitorial services customized for each client’s needs in the greater Tampa area and Orlando. Typically, an initial cleaning is done first with new clients to clean significant dirt and grime. Afterward, the customer has the option to choose from regular commercial cleanings, maintenance, floor care, carpet care, and window cleaning. For more detailed information, please visit the services page!

Eagles is eager to work with prospective and current clients with their workspace maintenance and cleaning. Interested potential clients can send a new customer inquiry to the team and receive a free business proposal within 48 hours. The Tampa or Orlando office is also available to speak over the phone or via email at Info@eaglescleaning.com. A staff member will reach out shortly and be happy to discuss each client’s janitorial needs.

Yes! Eagles is open to prospective business owners who want to own a franchise under its name. The company’s franchises take their professional cleaning options and effective service to multiple regions. To make a franchising inquiry, customers can contact the office! Or, to learn more about Eagles’ franchising options, check out its franchising page!

Eagles offers its services throughout central Florida, specifically in the greater Tampa area and Orlando. The company works with various industries in each city, including healthcare, education, and many others. If a customer’s business facility is higher than one story, it is worth noting that the company can only provide window cleaning services to one-story buildings. Eagles thanks its loyal customers for understanding, and the team strives to serve its clients in the best way possible.