June 14, 2022
lady cleaning her windows with a glove on

Four Window Cleaning Tips For Sparkling Windows

One of the most common parts of a skyscraper or tall building is the windows. There are a variety of places in the facility where they can be found. This includes offices, conference rooms, spaces where cubicles are built, kitchens, and other areas. When a company practices window cleaning maintenance, the glass allows for better sunlight to enter the building during the day. This can create a pleasant atmosphere for employees who may enjoy a clear view of the outdoors while they work.

Not to mention that a variety of harmful bacteria can accumulate on windows. These germs can come from a variety of sources. One of these is a buildup of natural elements on the windowsill or directly on the window, which includes grass, droplets, dirt, and other particles. If cleaning the glass remains unsuccessful, employees can lose trust in the business’s ability to maintain the facility. That is why Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems is here to provide tips for companies to adopt when caring for their facility. 

Keep Your Window Cleaner with a Squeegee

To start, one of the most important window cleaning tools a commercial cleaning company can use is a squeegee. This tool is typically made of a rubber that lines the blade. When a window is sprayed with a product, the squeegee acts similar to windshield wipers. A person would gently swipe either left or right to remove the debris. Or, a person can move it up or down.

In any direction, the window should be left shining clearly. There are different types of squeegees that a commercial cleaning company can provide. If you have any questions to us about what tools we use, learn more here.

Perform Window Cleaning Services With Effective Products

Another way windows are cleaned by commercial cleaning companies is by applying effective products. It is important to understand what chemicals are compatible and incompatible with glass. That way, it can effectively remove grime or another residue with ease. But, if products that cause stains or leave germs on the window are used, the glass can remain dirty or not sparkle as much.

Keep a Routine Schedule 

When maintaining a building’s cleaning services, it must receive maintenance care regularly. Windows are no exception to this rule. As grime and dirt accumulate on the glass over time, it can be harder to remove if not cleaned off regularly. Moreover, employees can begin to notice and complain. In more severe circumstances, they can sue the company for keeping up with OSHA requirements of the building. So, keeping a watchful eye on the schedule of routine maintenance is essential.

Complete Proper Steps 

Last, but certainly not least, performing the proper steps of cleaning windows is essential. The first step is typically to rinse the windows with water, whether it be a high-rise window or an easy-to-reach one. Then, the cleaner would apply the product to effectively remove the debris and grime. Without completing these steps, grime and debris can remain on windows longer. This can impact the business’ credibility to upkeep the building.

It can even impact a company owner’s ability to retain employees longer if they decide to resign. When this occurs, business tasks and procedures can decline. But, keeping the windows clean allows for better retention for the company, since company employees can feel comfortable working in the facility. 
Eagles Cleaning Commercial Systems can be requested by customers if they require cleaning hard-to-reach windows. For more information on our janitorial services, click here!

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