Franchise Information

If you’ve dreamed of starting a business and achieving financial freedom, we can likely help. Eagles Cleaning Systems has been an established name in the cleaning industry for decades, and there are numerous successful franchises to show that our system works. Not only will you receive training and support to help you achieve your goals, but we also offer a low-cost franchise opportunity. Continue reading to see why a franchise with Eagles Cleaning Systems can help you achieve your goals of being a successful business owner.

Multiple Commercial Cleaning Franchise Levels Available

One thing that makes our franchise opportunities accessible is that we offer several tiers. This helps make for a reachable goal for people of all lifestyles. Whether you want to franchise with the bare minimum or at the highest level with all the provisions, every level offers ample opportunities.

Even at the lowest level of franchising, we will provide you with training, supplier recommendations, and help finding your first few accounts. Realistically, we want nothing more than for you to succeed in starting your new business, as it is a win for both of us. We love seeing people achieve financial freedom by working with us.

Commercial Cleaning Franchises: A Business Program That Has Results

Starting a new business can be scary, but also extremely thrilling. Fortunately, our franchisee program sets you up right from the beginning. Our detailed training program will show you exactly what to do to provide quality results that speak for themselves. We have been crafting and perfecting our cleaning system for decades and we are passing that on to you to help you become successful.

Use Our Cleaning Franchise Name to Your Benefit

One of the best parts about becoming part of our franchise program is that you are able to use the established presence and reputation that our name already has. This offers the benefit of a reputation immediately when you start, and it helps you display that you will provide quality work. Although, you should always remember that while you are using the name, it is still your business.

Support in Building Up Accounts

Confronting the idea of securing new accounts can be a difficult idea at first, and we completely understand. This is why we provide as much possible support when it comes to securing new accounts for cleaning services. Not only will we help you secure your first few accounts to give you an ideal launch, but you can also partner with our home office to have new accounts offered to you. Furthermore, we are always working to secure specialty accounts with hotel chains, healthcare facilities, and more. This can greatly benefit you if there is a branch of those specialty accounts near you.

Great Rates on Equipment and Uniforms

Being that Eagles Cleaning Systems is an established name, it often allows us to secure better rates with equipment, product, and uniform suppliers. Since you are working under the Eagles Cleaning name, we can help you get these same rates. This is a huge advantage, as those who are not established and don’t have a reputation with suppliers often end up paying significantly more for these various types of supplies.

Ride the Wings of Advertising Campaigns

We are constantly working on our marketing and advertising campaigns. We attend trade shows, launch new marketing efforts, and print new materials like brochures and fliers to advertise with. Furthermore, we have a professionally crafted website and other efforts to drive our brand. This helps to greatly benefit your business, as we make these marketing materials available to you to use to promote your own branch. In other words, as we continue to promote our brand with these various strategies, we are also helping boost your business as well.

Insurance Rates

As part of running a business, you will need to secure insurance to protect the business. Although, another great benefit of working under our name is that just like equipment and uniforms, you will also be able to get better rates on insurance for your business. In fact, there are programs that are customized exactly for our type of business that you will be able to get great rates on.

Accessible Administrative Assistance

We understand that there will be times when you need help or need to ask questions. This is why we offer administrative and operations support that you can contact. This way, if you run into something you don’t know, need help with a certain part of running the business, or would like specialty training for a certain method, you can reach out to our support departments. The last thing that we want is for you to feel like you are completely alone after completing our training program. As mentioned above, we want to help you succeed and we are here to help guide you along your way.

Always Getting Better

One of the best parts about owning a franchise with Eagles Cleaning is that we are always looking for ways to improve everything about what we do. This may involve changing or adapting methods to make them even more high quality, or developing new technology to run the business or perform administrative duties. You can be confident that we are always developing or on the lookout for better solutions or methods for an issue or service.

Ready to Get Started with an Eagles Cleaning Systems Franchise?

If you are ready to own your own business and achieve financial freedom, then there is no time better than the present. Contact us today by calling the home office or filling out the form online. If you provide a good way to contact you and a time, we can schedule a meeting with one of our franchise representatives to give you even more details. They can provide you with the franchise agreement so that you have all of the fine details in your hands to review. We look forward to speaking with you and hopefully welcoming you aboard the Eagles Cleaning family.

Interested in owning a franchise under our brand?