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Maintaining a clean environment is one of the most important investments that any business can make. Realistically, a filthy or contaminated workplace can easily lead to numerous difficulties for the business, employees, and customers. For businesses with a lot of employees, customers, and general people traffic, this may require full-time janitorial services to ensure that the workspace is well maintained. Fortunately, Eagles Cleaning has affordable day porter services that can help your business stay in tip-top shape for everyone working there.

We Focus on the Wants and Needs of the Business in Our Janitor Services

Many generic cleaning services will go into every single business with the exact same cleaning routine, but this is not always the right mindset. Every business is unique in its needs and operations, which means that the way it is cleaned should be specific to those factors as well.

This is why Eagles Cleaning Systems and our franchises customize our cleaning services to the needs and wants of the particular business. This can include offering more heavy detail services in certain areas or tackling harder-to-reach areas that some cleaning companies may gloss over. No matter the size, we want to ensure that our cleaning services fit with what the business needs and that they are happy with the results.

Eagles Cleaning is Always Detail Oriented in Our Commercial Janitorial Services

When it comes to cleaning services, we are extremely detail-oriented. We know that far too many cleaning companies get by on doing the bare minimum and skip over many harder-to-reach places or tasks. We could not disagree with this type of attitude more, as we want every one of our services to be up to our own standards and those of the business. We know that your business, staff, and customers are important to you and we clean the space they will be in like they are just as important to us.

Be Proactive to Protect the Health of Employees and Customers

Regular cleaning may have been a luxury for some businesses previously, but it is now more important than ever. In the new age of Covid-19, it is critical for a business to do their best to maintain a clean and sanitized workspace. After an initial deep cleaning of the workplace, a daytime janitorial service will ensure that the business is consistently proactive about preventing various types of dirt and contaminants to a minimum.

Regular Disinfecting and Sanitizing

Along with general cleaning, thorough disinfecting and sanitizing are also critical. Many types of bacteria and viruses are able to live on surfaces for multiple days in the right environment, which allows them to be more easily spread around to employees and customers. Eagles Cleaning franchises place a large focus on proper disinfecting and sanitizing to help keep contaminants to a minimum and protect employees. Even better, we employ tools and solutions to service even many hard-to-reach areas that may be neglected.

We Pride Ourselves on Being Green

We work hard to maintain a green standard of cleaning in our services and the products that we use. We are dedicated to helping protect the environment and the health of employees and customers. All cleaning solutions and chemicals that we use are green and safe to use in areas of heavy people traffic. After all, what is the point in a cleaning service if it is only causing further issues by irritating everyone in the business with harsh chemicals? To help maintain this standard, we have reusable microfiber cloths, tools made out of recycled material, HEPA filter vacuums, and more. The best part about our green services is that they are part of our normal routine so there is no additional cost to the client.

Our Franchises are Fully Insured

Of course, we hope that any incidents or accidents never happen during the time we are cleaning your business, but we want to ensure your peace of mind. All of our employees are fully covered by liability insurance, bond insurance, and workers compensation. This offers a safety net for the employee and the business in the event that anything does happen. Any mistake or accident can be properly remedied and you can be confident in the services being provided.

We Don’t Settle for Less Than Ideal Quality

One thing that sets Eagles Cleaning apart from many other cleaning services is our consistent commitment to quality service. The first step in this is working with the business to find out what their exact needs and wants are, and we then tailor our services to meet those desires. Ideally, we meet these needs in the first place, but if we do not, then we will come back to make it right. We will also regularly monitor and survey your business to ensure that our services are still meeting your and our standards. This way, anything that is not being done the right way or could be done better can be quickly adjusted.

Our Requirements for Full Time Janitorial Services

Full-time janitorial services are a large commitment and we want to ensure that the service is the right fit for any business that we work with. This is why we have certain requirements for a business to be an optimal fit for our full-time janitorial services. The primary requirement for this service is that there is enough cleaning necessary to merit a full-time schedule. If the business is smaller or does not have a lot of traffic, then a full-time janitor may not be necessary and one of our other services may be better.

Ready to Keep Your Business Cleaner Than Ever?

Eagles Cleaning is always ready to help clean and maintain your business, and we are looking forward to working with you. Feel free to give us a call so we can discuss your business and its needs, as well as which of our janitor services are best suited for your business. Even if a full-time janitorial service is not the right fit, we also have deep cleaning, evening janitorial, and many more services that may be better suited.

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