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Government buildings are critical places of operation, and it is important that they run smoothly. These buildings can receive all kinds of visitors, and it is ideal that the facility remains well cared for and cleaned. Whether it be a police station, courthouse, library, or any other government building, it needs to be well cared for to receive visitors. Fortunately, Eagles Cleaning is well versed in cleaning all types of businesses, and we have worked with many places to provide government building cleaning services. Check out below to see we go about cleaning government buildings.

What to Expect with a Government Cleaning Contract

High-Frequency Touch Points

One of our largest focuses when cleaning and disinfecting any type of business are high-frequency touchpoints. These are all of the surfaces and items that people are commonly touching or coming into contact with. Of course, when something is touched numerous times in a day, chances are that it has been thoroughly covered with bacteria and other germs from numerous people. We thoroughly disinfect these areas to help prevent the spread of various types of germs. Some common high-frequency touchpoints include railings, elevator buttons, door handles, and many more.


Floors that are not regularly cleaned and sanitized can become host to a wide array of bacteria and other germs. Not to mention that hard floors can become sticky if they are not mopped, and carpet can begin to have a very unpleasant odor. When cleaning a carpeted floor, we will sweep the surrounding areas and clean them with our HEPA filter-equipped vacuums. Although, if the carpet is particularly dirty, we may recommend shampooing to get rid of dirt and grime trapped deep in the fibers. For hard floors, we will sweep and mop them, and sometimes buff them to make them shine. Sometimes, a hard floor has seen years of wear and we will offer to strip and refinish to restore it.


The restrooms in any business, even government buildings, should always receive special attention. With frequent uses and accidents, restrooms can get nasty very quickly. When we clean restrooms, we are sure to thoroughly clean the floors, toilets, sinks, stall doors, handles, and everything in between. We also make sure to disinfect all of these surfaces to prevent the spread of various germs and protect the health of your employees.

Common Areas

While common areas may not have as much going on as restrooms, they can still end up dirty very easily. Since there is so much foot traffic going through these common areas, dirt, grime, and germs are aplenty. We pay special attention to common areas since they are often where people spend a lot of time. When we clean and disinfect a common area, we will address the floors, windows, general surfaces, emptying trash, and much more. We aim to make common areas look great to provide the best first impressions for visitors.

Eagles Cleaning is Looking Forward to Providing Government Office Cleaning To You

Here at Eagles Cleaning Systems, we have decades of experience in the cleaning industry and have worked with multiple government buildings. We are looking forward to working with you to provide high-quality cleaning government office cleaning services for your building. We know that every business and building is unique, and they need a tailored cleaning plan. This is why we work with you to learn about your business, what it needs, and any additional services that you may desire. If you have any questions regarding our services or are ready to let us help, feel free to contact us at our home office or your closest franchise office.

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