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Our society has continued to move toward a more green future, and we are committed to that vision as well. This is why we are dedicated to green cleaning for all of the services that we provide. Keeping our cleaning services green helps to fulfill the vision of protecting the planet, but that is far from the only reason that we do it. In fact, a lot of the other reasons for our green services are all customer-oriented. Check below to see how we continue to stay green in our services and why we stick to it.

Green Chemicals for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

One of the primary ways that we stay green in our services is by only using green-certified chemicals. There are far too many harsh chemicals that are still in use and these can actually be detrimental to people. These kinds of chemicals often leave behind a nasty odor and residue that is unpleasant, can cause skin or nasal irritation, and are often unhealthy for those in the workspace. Instead, we use chemicals that are safe, fragrance-free, do not cause irritation, and are biodegradable. Our cleaning products are color-coded to avoid cross-contamination and we are sure to use only the proper amount to reduce waste.

How We Stay Green with Our Equipment for Green Cleaning Services

Another way that we continue our commitment to green is in our tools and equipment. Firstly, we use microfiber cloths for our manual cleaning, and these clothes are better at attracting and trapping dirt. They are also reusable and color-coded to avoid cross-contamination. We also only use HEPA filter-equipped vacuums to remove even the smallest particles that can be in carpets and on floors. Furthermore, all of our buckets, tool handles, and more are made out of recycled materials.

No Compromise on Cleanliness with Green Cleaning

Some people still believe that green products are less effective because they do not employ harsh chemicals as their primary ingredients, but this is far from the truth. In fact, most of the commonly used green cleaners have been found to be just as effective in comparison to their harsh counterparts. In other words, there is no need to worry about sacrificing cleanliness to have green cleaning, as it will still provide highly effective cleaning and sanitization.

Why Green Cleaning Should Be Important to Your Business

There is a multitude of reasons that green cleaning is much better for your business or even at home, but one of the primary reasons is health and safety. As mentioned above, harsh chemicals can actually be somewhat toxic in heavy or frequent exposure, especially in a closed environment. And cleaning companies that do not concern themselves with ways to avoid cross-contamination may actually be spreading bacteria and other germs around the business. These factors can lead to employees being out sick, not feeling well, or having difficulty concentrating as a result of residual chemical fumes. The health and well-being of employees should always be a primary concern, and using a green cleaning service is a way to help improve this.

No Additional Cost to You

One of the best things about our cleaning services is that green is our internal standard, which means that it comes included as part of the package. You will not have to worry about any additional costs or hidden fees that are related to going green. We commit to green to ensure that our services are not causing further difficulties for you or your employees.

Further Green Services That We Offer

We also have certain additional green services that may be beneficial to business. One of these would be our UV-C sanitizing wand service. This tool is incredibly effective in sanitizing hard-to-reach or tiny spaces. It uses UV-C light that eliminates bacteria, mold, dust mites, and viruses. Being that it uses a special type of light, it can easily access areas that are neglected because of accessibility or how long it takes to clean, such as keyboards.

Our Franchises Are Up to the Task

No matter what Eagles Cleaning location you use, we are all fully able to deliver high-quality green cleaning services. All of our employees and franchisees must go through our extensive training program to ensure that we are able to provide high-quality service and maintain our green commitment. We pride ourselves on our standardized green cleaning system and this is taught to anyone who works under the Eagles Cleaning. Whatever location you work with, they will be able to deliver thorough green cleaning and disinfecting services.

Regular Cleaning Helps Keep It Green

When we first work with a new business, we will do an initial clean. This consists of a very thorough deep clean of the whole business, especially high traffic areas. We do this to set the business up to a standard that we can then maintain with our regular janitorial services. After this initial clean, regular cleaning is important to help reduce the buildup of germs, dirt, grime, and more. By conducting regular cleanings of your business, it will help to reduce the amount of waste and additional chemicals that would be needed to do the job after letting the workspace get filthy again.

Customized Green Cleaning Plans

One of the best features of our cleaning is that we fully customize services to your business. In the beginning, we get to know your business, what it needs, and what you want for it. This way, we can provide the exact right tailored services to provide the best cleaning.

Eagles Cleaning is Ready to Provide Your Business with a Green Clean

When you are ready to get your business bright and shiny again with a green clean, let Eagles Cleaning Systems help. Our dedication to green cleaning is unmatched and we look forward to working with you and your business. We have numerous cleaning services available to provide the right plan for whatever your business may need. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to contact us.

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