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It is quite apparent why gyms and fitness centers need regular cleaning to be ready for clients. These facilities can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria and germs when not properly cleaned and sanitized. Some gym-goers may be pretty good about cleaning up and sanitizing after themselves, but there are also those who do not concern themselves with this, leaving behind all kinds of germs. Our gym cleaning services tackle sanitation needs head-on.

All of the equipment, mats, weights, and more in a fitness center need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected to provide the best and safest service. Eagles Cleaning is experienced in cleaning gyms and fitness centers, and we want to help keep your facility nice and safe.

Disinfecting Surfaces

One of our primary goals when cleaning a gym or fitness center is thorough disinfecting of various surfaces. As mentioned above, this will include equipment, weights, mats, and anything else that gym-goers regularly touch. Not only will this keep these items looking great and staying well maintained, but it will protect anyone who uses them afterward. While disinfecting is important in any business, it can be particularly critical in a fitness facility where sweaty hands are constantly touching numerous surfaces.

Restrooms and Showers

The restrooms and showers of a gym or fitness center can easily build up grime, filth, and bacteria when not regularly cleaned. Numerous people are going in to wash off sweat and dirt after their workout, and regular cleaning and sanitizing are critical to keep these areas ready for the next day. When we clean gym bathrooms, we thoroughly clean and disinfect all of the toilets, showers, handles, sinks, floors, and more to protect your clients.

Gym Floor

Since working out can be intense, it is not uncommon for sweat to be dropping all around on the floor. Without regular cleaning, this can lead to tarnished-looking floors, nasty odors, and easy breeding grounds for bacteria. The way we clean the gym floor will depend on the particular material. In most gyms and fitness centers, the floor will be some sort of hard material, so we will use sweeping, mopping, and buffing tools to keep it sanitary and shining.

Green Cleaning is Important to Us

Our cleaning services are all designed around staying green, which is important for the health and safety of gym-goers. Many of the commonly used commercial cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can leave behind horrible odors and residue, which will be inhaled or touched by those in the facility. This is why we only use green-certified chemicals that are safe, biodegradable, do not cause irritation, and are fragrance-free.

This means that we can regularly clean the facility and equipment with a minimum chance of causing issues for those who come in afterward. We also use a color-coded system for our microfiber towels and cleaners to help reduce the chance of cross-contamination. The last thing that we want is to just spread germs and bacteria around to different areas.

Let Eagles Cleaning Be the Gym Cleaner to Keep Things Safe and Clean for Your Clients

We have decades of experience when it comes to cleaning services and we work with many gyms and fitness centers. If you want the job to be done right, then we are the right choice. We know that your gym or fitness center is unique and it deserves the right cleaning plan. This is why we customize our cleaning plans to make sure that it addresses everything your facility wants and any additional services you would like. You can contact our home office or the closest franchise location with any questions that you may have.

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