Hard Floor Care & Floor Restoration

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There are numerous cleaning businesses out there, but not all of them offer the specific detail services that Eagles Cleaning does. Certain areas of a business may require additional attention and techniques to offer the best cleaning, with one of these areas being hard floors. Being that hard floors can be made of multiple different types of material, it is important that whoever is cleaning them has the proper skills for floor care and floor restoration. This is why Eagles Cleaning offers a specific service that is designed particularly for hard floors.

Initial Steps for Hard Floor Care & Cleaning

In many cases, a hard floor that has not been properly cleaned and maintained will require some additional work in the beginning. Depending on the type of floor, this may consist of stripping the floor of old layers of finish. Over time, an old finish will begin to wear, erode, and store dirt and grime when it is not regularly cleaned. To strip this old finish, we use chemicals that penetrate deep in the finish and are fast-acting. This will help to prepare the floor for recoating, which will help to protect the floor and make it easier to maintain. The new finish will also provide that excellent shine to make it look like it is a whole new floor.

Maintenance is Key for Floor Cleaning

While refinishing a hard floor looks great and is an excellent first step, it is far from the only step. Afterward, maintenance becomes the most important part of floor upkeep. Maintenance in many cases is just ensuring that the floor is regularly cleaned to keep dirt and grime from getting into the new finish. A new finish only lasts so long and regular cleaning helps to extend the amount of time that it will last. Otherwise, it can go back to looking tarnished rather quickly. Fortunately, Eagles Cleaning is here to provide regular cleaning to help your hard floor keep looking great for as long as possible.

Tackling Hard Floors in Heavy Traffic Areas

When it comes to tackling hard floors, we have seen a little bit of everything. Realistically, the condition and cleaning difficulty of a hard floor can vary depending on many factors, but heavy foot traffic is one of the most influential. These areas tend to take a bit more work to restore, but we are always up for the task.

When we get those heavy traffic area floors restored to their former glory, it is even more important that we provide regular cleanings to keep them from quickly diminishing. When you contract with Eagles Cleaning for your hard floors, you can know that they will be well taken care of and stay looking great.

Our Techniques and Products

It is important that a hard floor is restored and maintained the right way, or it could actually cause more damage. When we clean the floor after the initial restoration, we will use the latest tools, technology, and products to ensure that it stays looking great. We rarely use high-pressure methods of cleaning, as this can actually damage the floor, strip finishes or paint, and even crack or loosen the grout in between tiles. Instead, we use burnishing or spray buffing, which is light enough to keep the top layer intact but will be sure to remove dirt and grime.

Eagles Cleaning is Committed to Staying Green

We are highly dedicated to helping protect the planet and the health of employees by using green products and techniques. We employ equipment that uses much less water than traditional methods, as well as green chemicals to help protect those who will be in the workspace. Many companies still use harsh chemicals that leave smells or residue that can irritate those who are working. This is something we aim to completely avoid, as it can make working much more difficult and can be very unhealthy to inhale these types of fumes.

Why Maintaining a Hard Floor is a Necessity

There are several reasons why the hard floors at your business need to be well maintained. First of all, a well-maintained hard floor is aesthetically pleasing and first impressions are important. If there are customers or clients regularly coming into the business, a good-looking and clean hard floor will make a lasting impression. It will display that the business takes care of their facility and that they care about their image. There is also an important safety factor, as a maintained hard floor can help keep employees and customers safe by offering slip resistance to avoid accidents. Furthermore, it is much more hygienic to have a regularly cleaned floor.

The Costs of Neglecting Hard Floor Maintenance

It may seem like a burden to pay for the refinishing and maintenance of a hard floor, but not doing so can lead to even heavier costs. The longer that a hard floor is left to gather dirt and deteriorate, the more likely it is to get damaged over time. It may start with a single crack or tile, but this will quickly escalate to damage in various areas. The more damage there is, the more expensive it will be to repair or even replace that hard floor.

Eagles Cleaning Can Have Your Hard Floor Looking Brand New

If you are interested in having your hard floor restored or maintained, then call us today. We have seen all types of hard floors and are experienced in bringing them back to their former glory. Our franchisees have all gone through our extensive training program to ensure that they know the best methods and tools to restore, refinish, and maintain various types of hard floors. You want to be proud of the image of your business and we can help make it look better than ever. If you have any questions regarding our hard floor service, feel free to contact us.

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