December 15, 2021

Hiring Trustworthy Commercial Cleaning Services: Four Helpful Tips

It is important for all businesses to provide adequate commercial cleaning services for their facilities. This is because employers are obligated to protect employees from getting sick as they perform their jobs. Moreover, employers need to build trust among their employees to provide these services. To do so, business owners will search for a trustworthy commercial cleaning company to meet their commercial cleaning needs.

However, with so many cleaning companies in the Tampa or Orlando area, business owners may ask themselves, “How can I find quality commercial cleaning services near me?” Moreover, many businesses may claim to offer high-grade services but may not be trustworthy. When searching for the ideal cleaning company, here are four tips that employers need to keep in mind.

Check for Responsiveness

Typically, cleaning companies invite clients to submit a cleaning proposal, promising a quick response within one to two days. Additionally, they have a contact page where company leaders can submit any other questions. After employees ask a question or request a proposal, it is important to note how quickly the cleaning company responds. If they do not respond within the timeframe promised on their website, they are not honest with their word. However, if they respond quickly, their company truly keeps its promise to value any submitted questions or proposal requests.

Read the Company’s Reviews

Nothing is more indicative of a cleaning company’s reliability than online customer reviews. This is because customers who have already dealt with the company first-hand will report if the performance was poor or high quality. Employers can search for the company’s reviews on Yelp or Google Reviews to read what others say about the company.

After searching for a potential client, pay attention to whether team members missed areas in the facility they were supposed to clean. Also, did the cleaning staff come to their job on time or were they late? If they receive high praise online, they will likely be punctual and meet all cleaning requests for their clients.

Ask What Type of Products Are Used

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act) demands that employers provide adequate working spaces in restaurants, offices, etc. Because of the high standards of cleanliness required in the workplace, employers need to hire commercial cleaning companies that use OSHA-approved products. This allows business owners to abide by workplace safety laws. To know what products are used by a cleaning company, employers can read about their services on its website or call their office.

Listen to Their Communication Style

To collaborate with a commercial cleaning company, employers need to communicate their needs to them in the beginning stages of the relationship. During this interaction, clients should listen to how the potential cleaning company speaks. When talking over the phone, is the tone of voice of the cleaning company staff upbeat? Are they passive-aggressive? Do they interrupt the caller throughout the call?

If a potential client emails the cleaning company about a proposal request, do they respond with enthusiastic phrasing? Are there misspelled words in the body of their email? Do they seem interested in learning about your company? If employers pay attention to these social cues, they can determine if their relationship with the cleaning company will be productive. As the employer and cleaning company work with each other, the employer may consistently be met with unprofessional or rude communication. However, if the cleaning company speaks with a polite tone, clients can feel comfortable speaking their cleaning requests to them.

If clients are looking for trustworthy commercial cleaning services in the Tampa or Orlando area, they can hire Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems. Clients can request a free proposal tailored to their commercial cleaning needs.

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