A business must find a reliable and consistent cleaning company to maintain its workspace. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, employees can be exposed to harmful germs and get sick without the right group of commercial cleaners to help. Businesses have to adhere to cleaning laws, and it is often difficult for them to uphold these regulations on their own.

At Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems, we offer cleaning options designed to keep businesses thriving and workspaces safe. These services guarantee the best results and the most efficient experience for each client. Our well-trained staff will work with cleaning requests and take great care to customize cleaning sessions accordingly. Current and prospective customers can leave an inquiry to reach out to the company, and a staff member will be in touch promptly.


The initial cleaning offered by Eagles is the type of service in which detailed disinfecting occurs. The staff target deep dirt and residue, allowing future full-service cleaning sessions. Additionally, our team members are trained to be aware of any poorly treated areas of the facility that other cleaning companies may have left. Here, we prioritize a good first impression because it is essential to establishing a client's lifelong relationship and trust.


Eagles provides services to various businesses in the greater Tampa area, including manufacturing facilities, restaurants, universities, and many more. Our company prioritizes and strives to protect the health and safety of each client’s workspace through the use of commercial-grade and CDC- and OSHA-approved products. Each team member at Eagles understands and upholds the idea that a business facility must be protected from harmful bacteria and germs for its employees to perform well.


Without the consistent use of safe and effective products to keep floors clean, their quality and look can diminish over time. Dirt and grime can even stain floors without the correct upkeep. Additionally, ensuring that floors are well-maintained can prevent employees from slipping on any residue left behind. Floorcare offered by Eagles ensures that each business's floors are well taken care of to create a worry-free workplace without unwanted spots or stains.


Many businesses have carpeted floors that are prone to spills from drinks or food crumbs. If carpets are not regularly disinfected, unwanted smells and bacteria can build up inside the cloth of the floor. At Eagles, the staff is trained to apply new chemicals using top-grade cleaning methods to treat each carpeted floor. Techniques used include shampooing, extractions, and spot, dry, and bonnet cleaning.


Relying on a trustworthy cleaning company means delivering its services consistently after the initial cleaning. Eagles takes pride in being a reliable source of maintenance for its clients in the greater Tampa area. The cleaning crew will ensure that the workspace is maintained correctly by walking through the facility, tidying up any dirt and grime, and disinfecting any residue in the building. Customers can rest assured that Eagles offers dependable commercial cleaning services and can address any future maintenance requests.


Having a pleasant view outside an office window is one of the highlights of a busy workday. But, if left unattended, the windowsill can build up mold, dust, cobwebs, and other unsanitary grime. Eagles' window cleaning services offer indoor and outdoor options to improve glass shine and leave a glossy finish. At this time, the company is only offering this option to single one-story businesses. Eagles thanks its clients for their understanding and strives to serve each business as best as it can.