December 15, 2021

Reducing The Spread of Office Germs: Four Tips From Commercial Cleaners

From grabbing a stapler for stapling a packet of essential forms to performing other daily tasks, office workers constantly interact with tools in their workstations. In doing so, they can spread bacteria and other harmful germs. However, because these employees work hard to keep their company thriving, they may not realize how many germs they may be spreading. This is because an office may look clean even when dirty since germs are invisible to the naked eye.

Hiring our commercial cleaners can combat this issue, but it is also essential to inform workplace safety practices to their employees to further prevent the spread of germs. Doing so encourages these team members to keep their workplaces clean. Moreover, they can feel confident coming to the office knowing that their coworkers keep their workspaces clean. As a commercial cleaning company, Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems advises the best tips for reducing the spread of office germs.

Wash Hands Regularly

This is the most crucial tip that employers can suggest to their employees to reduce the presence of germs in workplaces. Why? Hand washing kills most bacteria, keeping employees safe from ingesting harmful germs if they touch their face. Moreover, when interacting with office supplies or possibly shaking hands with a new team member, workers with clean hands spread much fewer germs to others. Hand washing should be done regularly, especially after using the restroom or eating food. While doing so, it is best to lather the hands thoroughly for the most optimal cleaning and count for twenty seconds. Afterward, rinse with warm water to further kill bacteria on the hands.

Keep Disinfectant Wipes Handy

Germs accumulate on desks, keyboards, and other work areas over time as people touch these surfaces in the office. Moreover, the coronavirus can be present in the office as well. That is why keeping disinfectant wipes handy for employees is essential to combat this issue. Most disinfectant brands produce wipes designed to kill the coronavirus and other bacteria on hard surfaces. For the best usage, employees should wipe desks, tables and counters regularly. That way, surfaces can stay consistently sanitized when employees come into contact with these surfaces. Companies can order wipes to be stored in areas of the office where employees can have access to them.

Install Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Installing sanitizer dispensers throughout the office is another way for employees to keep themselves from spreading more germs. Hand sanitizers, like disinfectant wipes, are designed to kill most bacteria and the coronavirus when applied to the hands. By doing so, employees’ hands can stay sanitized, allowing them to eat food during their lunch break or perform tasks in the office without worry of contracting these germs. Companies can install dispensers in conference rooms, cubicles, and other office spaces to provide easy access to these office workers.

Stay Home When Sick

Sometimes during holiday seasons, employees may catch the flu or suffer from a cold. Symptoms from these illnesses are coughing and sneezing, which can spread on surfaces and other areas in the office. When this happens, employees can unknowingly contract these germs when touching desks or other areas. The best way to combat this is to stay at home when experiencing contagious illnesses. Not only can employees recover from these symptoms, staying at home keeps their coworkers safe from contracting germs.

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