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When it comes to running a retail store, cleanliness can be the difference between customers making a purchase or not. Every customer that comes into the store expects and deserves an excellent and clean shopping experience. A filthy or just unkempt store can make them not want to come back, which is why proper and regular retail store cleaning is a necessity. Fortunately, Eagles Cleaning are experts in retail cleaning, and with all the necessary store cleaning services, we can help make your store look better than ever.

Store Cleaning Services

Floor Cleaning

Retail stores receive a lot of foot traffic throughout the day, and this can lead to a lot of dirt and grime on the floor. We are experienced in cleaning even the dirtiest floors, no matter what kind of flooring. For carpets, we begin with a deep shampooing to help get out all of the dirt, grime, spills, and more that have gotten deep into the carpet fibers, beyond the reach of a vacuum. After this, we maintain the floor with regular sweeping and vacuuming to help prevent buildup. For hard floors, depending on the material, we may recommend that it be stripped and refinished if it is in bad shape. We will then use buffing and scrubbing to keep it shining like it is brand new.

High-Frequency Touch Points

With the amount of traffic in a retail store, there will also be numerous hands touching everything. We focus on paying extra attention to the areas of high-frequency touch, such as door handles, changing rooms, computers, and more. These areas can harbor all types of bacteria and germs that were transferred from hands, so we make sure they are properly disinfected and sanitized.


Having clean and nice-looking restrooms is important for the customer experience, and it is necessary for hygiene. We make sure that restrooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to provide a hygienic experience to your employees and customers. This includes sinks, toilets, stall doors, handles, and the floor.

Trash and Recycling Removal

When we provide cleaning services in your retail store, we will also make sure to remove all trash and recycling regularly. It can be quite off-putting for a customer to see overflowing trash cans, and it may impact their desire to come back. Not only is it an eyesore, but excess trash can also lead to terrible odors and hygiene issues.

Eagles Cleaning: Your Retail Store Cleaner with Green Cleaning

We are dedicated to keeping our cleaning services green in multiple ways. First, we only use green-certified chemicals that are safe, fragrance-free, and biodegradable. These products are shown to be just as effective as other harsh chemicals, so there is no worry about sacrificing cleanliness. This way, customers are not left dealing with horrible smells left behind by harsh chemicals. We also use color-coded chemicals and microfiber cloths to help avoid cross-contamination, and all of our tools are made out of recycled materials.

Let Eagles Cleaning Keep Your Retail Location Looking Great

We are looking forward to working with your store to keep it spotless for customers and employees. No matter what Eagles Cleaning location you work with, you can be confident that we are trained in cleaning your store the right way. Our employees and franchisees all go through our training program to ensure that they can maintain our high standards. We are dedicated to quality, and if there is anything that is not meeting your standards, we will make it right. We are a retail store cleaner you can count on! If you have any questions about our services, feel free to contact us.

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