School Cleaning Services

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School Cleaning Services & University Cleaning Services

When it comes to receiving an education at a school or university, students need to have the proper environment. The right environment for education can include several factors, but one of these is a clean facility. Realistically, without school cleaning services, an educational facility can become easily filthy, which can actually be distracting for students trying to learn. It may be as simple as a sticky desk or a smelly carpet, but these things are enough to take some students’ attention away from what they should be focusing on. Fortunately, Eagles Cleaning offers thorough school and university cleaning services to keep everything on track.

A Clean Educational Facility is a Necessity

Not only is a dirty facility a potential distraction for students, but it can actually be a health hazard. If proper and regular cleaning is not completed, there can easily be lingering bacteria, viruses, mold, and dust mites that can cause issues. These things can lead to students struggling with allergy symptoms, getting sick, or more. Students are in the care of that school or university, which means that the institution needs to properly care for them and the space they are learning in.

College and University Campus Cleaning Services

Colleges and universities have a wide range of activities going on in their various classrooms, and some of these spaces may need additional attention. Since there are multiple labs, practical application areas, and normal classrooms, these facilities can require customized cleaning plans to tackle everything needed. Fortunately, we are always ready to provide high-quality campus cleaning serivces, no matter what space we are working on.

Preschools and Daycare Cleaning

Young children are fantastic, but they are also great at getting things dirty and spreading germs all over the place. This is why daycares and preschools need to be properly and regularly cleaned. When we clean these types of facilities, we address classrooms, desks, bathrooms, staff rooms, hallways, and much more. Our cleaning services also include sanitizing and disinfecting to help minimize various types of bacteria and other germs.

Kindergarten-Grade 12 Schools

When it comes to K-12 schools, we tackle them very similarly to preschools and daycares. We will be sure to clean all of the classrooms, break rooms, common areas, bathrooms, and more. We will also be sure to pay special attention to areas of high-frequency contact such as desks, door handles, and more. These areas can be host to all kinds of germs and dirt left behind by those touching them throughout the day. We provide proper cleaning services so that students can focus on their most important task – learning.

Green Cleaning

We pride ourselves on delivering completely green cleaning services. This is important to us when we are cleaning spaces that may be used for kids and all the way up to adults. Many harsh chemical cleaners are irritating or harmful to those frequenting the space, especially when it is a closed area. Our green cleaning chemicals are safe, biodegradable, and fragrance-free to help avoid causing further issues after we clean. We also use color-coded chemicals and cleaning cloths to help avoid the potential for cross-contamination.

Let Us Help You Keep Your Facility Clean

Eagles Cleaning Systems has worked with all types of educational facilities, and we are ready to help keep yours clean too. We completely customize our cleaning plans to ensure that we tackle everything we need to. When you work with us, we will consult with you as to what services you want and any areas that need special attention, which allows us to create the perfect cleaning service plan. Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have about our various services.

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