Stadium and Event Cleaning Services

Stadiums and event venues definitely receive plenty of traffic, which can lead to them becoming quite dirty even after just one event. Those who are attending events, games, shows, or more at these locations expect and deserve a clean environment when they show up. Not only does this make it easier for attendees to enjoy themselves, but it also provides a more hygienic experience.

Eagles Cleaning is here to provide all of the possible stadium and event venue cleaning services that you may need. Check out below to see how we tackle cleaning and sanitizing these locations.

Pre and Post Event Venue Cleaning Services

We offer cleaning services designed to get the venue looking great prior to events. If it has been some time since the venue has been cleaned, we may use more detailed methods to handle dirt, grime, and germs that are built up. We want to ensure that we provide a quality clean in the first place so that the attendees can enjoy the event.

We also offer post-event cleaning services to get the venue back into order after a large crowd. With this service, we will clean up all the trash left behind, sanitize, clean the seats, and more. If your seats are cushioned, we can offer upholstery cleaning to handle stains or heavy buildup.

seats at a stadium, at which we offer event cleaning services

Event and Stadium Cleaning Services

Floor Cleaning

After a large crowd, the floors of a stadium or event venue can be left in pretty poor shape. After hours of foot traffic, dropped food, and spilled drinks, the floors likely need some quality attention. With carpet, we may use deep shampooing to handle particularly filthy locations or to address stains. We will be sure to clean up any new spills as soon as possible to help reduce the chance of staining. For hard floors, we will give them a thorough mopping and sanitization to handle any sticky or dirty areas and leave them shining.

Restroom Cleaning

Of course, when a restroom is subject to a lot of people for several hours, it is bound to get pretty dirty. We put a lot of attention on making sure that restrooms are properly cleaned and sanitized to be ready for the next event. When we clean the restrooms at your venue, we will tackle toilets, sinks, stall doors, handles, the floor, and more. Our goal is to keep your restrooms looking great for attendees so that it leaves a good impression and is hygienic for all.

Concession Areas

If your venue features a concession area, then it is likely left in disarray after business hours. As part of our cleaning program, we will be sure to clean and sanitize the various parts of the concession area, including countertops, sinks, prep areas, floors, and more. It is critical for the concession space to be properly cleaned and disinfected to provide safe service to customers. Eagles Cleaning staff are experienced in making sure that your concession spaces will be ready to go for the next event.

Let Eagles Cleaning Help Keep Your Event Space Looking Great

We have worked with numerous types of event venues, theaters, stadiums, and more to prep and keep them looking great for attendees, and we would like to do the same for you. We pride ourselves on quality cleaning to the point where if you find anything you are not satisfied with, we will be sure to make it right. We understand that your venue is your livelihood and is important, which is why we will clean it with that same mindset. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our home offices or one of our franchise locations.

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