When discussing cleaning, this term can be broad enough to include several subcategories. To name a few from this list: commercial cleaning services as well as residential. But, it is worth noting that there are distinct differences between the two, even if they are both cleaning categories. New business owners or seasoned veterans in their respective industries may not be familiar with these distinctions. The importance of understanding them is for the facility or home to have the most effective care.

The team members of Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems have provided an overview that dives into this information in depth. That way, current and prospective clients are not left in the dark about what they need to know. Additionally, they don’t have to worry about gathering the details themselves when deciding which type of 

service is ideal for their business. We encourage you to bring any and all of your questions to Eagles via the Contact page. 

What Are Residential Cleaning Services?

To start off, residential cleaning services are similar to commercial cleaning services, but different. To define the former, these services are geared toward home owners who desire a clean space where they sleep. It is cleaning of a more personal space, and needs to be maintained with care. By doing so, the customer can feel more comfortable living in their residence. Also, with this type of cleaning, home-based products are used to clean the building.

This can include mop water to clean tile floors of the residence. It would be better to use a home-based type of mop water for the residence. There could be home-based valuables that reside in the home. This includes vases, a common furniture in many peoples’ places of residence. Another kind of item that cleaners may find are kitchen tools and portraits of the home-owner. With these in mind, delicate objects can be better preserved. 

Understanding Commercial Cleaning vs Residential Cleaning

Now that the definition of residential cleaning services has been discussed, it is time to explain how it differs from commercial alternatives. Many people use a workplace building to keep up with their daily tasks. Employees work around the clock to perform these tasks. When this occurs, the facility can become dirty. That is why commercial cleaning is essential to ensure that employees and customers can confidently use the building.

Commercial cleaning involves the removal of germs and bacteria from the workplace through different methods. One of the main differences between this and residential cleaning is that it is geared toward the masses. In other words, strict workplace health codes are put in place, since the building is used for a company. So, commercial products are used and a company can be hired to ensure that proper cleaning takes place, whereas many homeowners may prefer to do it themselves.

Types of Facilities

Now it’s time to discuss the different residential places where cleaning occurs. These buildings can be found in the suburbs of a town, in the countryside, or anywhere else. One example of a residential place is a house. This can be one- or two-story or even higher depending on the size of the house. Families often reside in houses, whereas many single individuals reside in apartments. Other places of residence include mansions, condos, cabins, and other types of homes. Each place is built with different materials that require certain cleaning products, including carpet cleaner, wood floor cleaner, etc.
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One of the most common parts of a skyscraper or tall building is the windows. There are a variety of places in the facility where they can be found. This includes offices, conference rooms, spaces where cubicles are built, kitchens, and other areas. When a company practices window cleaning maintenance, the glass allows for better sunlight to enter the building during the day. This can create a pleasant atmosphere for employees who may enjoy a clear view of the outdoors while they work.

Not to mention that a variety of harmful bacteria can accumulate on windows. These germs can come from a variety of sources. One of these is a buildup of natural elements on the windowsill or directly on the window, which includes grass, droplets, dirt, and other particles. If cleaning the glass remains unsuccessful, employees can lose trust in the business’s ability to maintain the facility. That is why Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems is here to provide tips for companies to adopt when caring for their facility. 

Keep Your Window Cleaner with a Squeegee

To start, one of the most important window cleaning tools a commercial cleaning company can use is a squeegee. This tool is typically made of a rubber that lines the blade. When a window is sprayed with a product, the squeegee acts similar to windshield wipers. A person would gently swipe either left or right to remove the debris. Or, a person can move it up or down.

In any direction, the window should be left shining clearly. There are different types of squeegees that a commercial cleaning company can provide. If you have any questions to us about what tools we use, learn more here.

Perform Window Cleaning Services With Effective Products

Another way windows are cleaned by commercial cleaning companies is by applying effective products. It is important to understand what chemicals are compatible and incompatible with glass. That way, it can effectively remove grime or another residue with ease. But, if products that cause stains or leave germs on the window are used, the glass can remain dirty or not sparkle as much.

Keep a Routine Schedule 

When maintaining a building’s cleaning services, it must receive maintenance care regularly. Windows are no exception to this rule. As grime and dirt accumulate on the glass over time, it can be harder to remove if not cleaned off regularly. Moreover, employees can begin to notice and complain. In more severe circumstances, they can sue the company for keeping up with OSHA requirements of the building. So, keeping a watchful eye on the schedule of routine maintenance is essential.

Complete Proper Steps 

Last, but certainly not least, performing the proper steps of cleaning windows is essential. The first step is typically to rinse the windows with water, whether it be a high-rise window or an easy-to-reach one. Then, the cleaner would apply the product to effectively remove the debris and grime. Without completing these steps, grime and debris can remain on windows longer. This can impact the business’ credibility to upkeep the building.

It can even impact a company owner’s ability to retain employees longer if they decide to resign. When this occurs, business tasks and procedures can decline. But, keeping the windows clean allows for better retention for the company, since company employees can feel comfortable working in the facility. 
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In every facility, workers, customers, and other parties related to the business constantly walk all over the floors. This occurs throughout the week, during the business’ normal hours. Moreover, there is more movement if the facility is open for twenty-four hours. Deep carpet cleaning is a necessity when the floors are covered with carpet. The aforementioned service is when debris, dirt, and other residue are successfully removed from the fabric. Our stellar team at Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems uses OSHA- and CDC-approved products to do the job well.

This is because we understand the importance for businesses to keep a clean carpet for the people involved in their company. But, company founders may not be familiar with the benefits of cleaning services for this fabric. Prospective or current customers can read on to learn more about why this type of maintenance is essential for their businesses. When sending any remaining questions to the team at Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems, a representative can reach back out shortly.

A Deep Carpet Cleaner Protects Passersby From COVID-19

As customers work during the COVID-19 pandemic, they desire to work in a clean facility. This is because they do not want to risk getting the virus. This is because the virus can produce a variety of harmful symptoms. By ensuring that the building uses a deep carpet cleaning tool to get the job done right, the floors can be in their most optimal state. That is why clients can rely on Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems for all their carpet cleaning needs. 

Carpet Deep Cleaning Prolongs The Lifespan of Floors

Next, it’s time to discuss how carpet cleaning prolongs the lifespan of floors. Over time, floors are damaged with constant friction of a person’s foot and the floor. This occurs every day since people constantly move about to get from one place to another. One example is that carpet floors need to be regularly maintained since they can lower the risk of stains staying permanently. 

Prevention of Pungent Odors 

Another reason why carpet cleaning, including deep shampoo cleaning, is essential is that it can prevent pungent odors from occurring in the workplace. Over time, if left unkempt, unusual smells can be detected by people who use the building. The consequences of this can result in employees getting sick as they inhale these odors. When this occurs, your company can lose business as a result.

OSHA Rules

OSHA is an organization that ensures that companies practice and fulfill strict health code standards. This is for the safety of employees and customers in the workplace. Here at Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems, we provide reliable OSHA- and CDC- approved products. That way, your facility can successfully be a clean and healthy place of work for your company.

Employee Retention

Lastly, another reason why deep carpet cleaning is needed is that more employees are likely to stay. This is because they may not feel comfortable working in an unclean building. Employees can search for a new occupation with a different company. To keep your workers, they will love that the carpets are deep cleaned. Moreover, customers can feel comfortable entering the building of the company as well.

Prevention of Legal Issues

Keeping the carpets clean can also prevent lawsuits. This can involve employees suing the company over workplace conditions. This can result in a lot of money being spent on lawyers to help you.
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