Offices sustain a lot of foot traffic daily; they get dirty no matter how often you take the time to clean. If you are a one-person team cleaning an entire office, there are bound to spot accumulating dirt and grime. Offices can be busy places daily, so why not invest in professional cleaners to take your mind off the stress of cleaning an office? Eagles Cleaning provides exceptional office cleaning services while remaining as efficient and environmentally conscious as possible. Don’t you think you need to look into professional office cleaning for your business? Here are some reasons why you should seriously reconsider. 

Work Environments have a Big Impact on Your Overall Well-Being.

Cleanliness is treasured, nowadays more than ever. Nobody wants to work in an office they don’t find very clean, and it’s demotivating to have to work in a space that they don’t find sanitary. It’s nearly impossible for a single person to take on the task of cleaning an office weekly, and it can be a challenging schedule to maintain, especially after a long work day. Eagles Cleaning is well equipped to alleviate that stress, and we pride ourselves on green products and the ability to adapt to any office space, no matter how big or small. 

Office cleaning services are essential for any business looking to maintain a high level of pristineness and sanitation, and you should look no further than Eagles Cleaning. A friendly, clean office means motivated employees, leading to an overall boost in team morale and work ethic. A clean office is a happy office. 

You won’t have to buy your cleaning products anymore.

Buying enough products to clean an entire office sounds like a financial feat, not to mention keeping an extensive list that could easily be missing one or two things you desperately need. It can understandably be overwhelming to take the responsibility of cleaning the entire office, but you shouldn’t have to add that to your list of chores. Professional office cleaning services come stocked with all the supplies you could need, and the stores are usually of better and healthier quality.

In addition, in recent years, more and more cleaning services have been switching to more environmentally friendly products, so you will never have to worry about whatever harmful chemicals are left behind after your office receives a good cleaning. So, ditch the grocery list your wallet is screaming at you for and hire a service instead; it will save you both precious money and precious time. 

First Impressions are Important

Imagine being a new client or customer walking into a company’s office for the first time and being met with an unpleasant odor or seeing an overflowing waste bin. Imagine the sour taste it would leave in your mouth. Wrong first impressions are one of the worst things a company should look out for when dealing with clients and customers. A bad image can lead to a loss in sales and partnerships, all because a forgotten trash can was left to overflow or an unfortunate stain was on the carpet from an accidental carpet spill.

These small blows can be detrimental to your company, but they can be avoided entirely with a professional office cleaning service to do all the dirty work for you. Eagles Cleaning provides office cleaning like no other service, and we do it completely customized to your space. So, consider it a small sacrifice to spend a little extra money on a professional cleaning service. There’s nothing more comforting than inviting new clients and customers into your office and knowing that it is a clean and professional place to be. 

Say goodbye to any mold problems. 

Mold is a plague on nearly every single building, and it’s a plague that could do some severe damage if left unnoticed and untreated. It only takes about a day for mold to start seriously growing, and if not caught soon enough, it could lead to problems one person alone can not fix. For example, if your office has air conditioning, mold spores could find their way into the system, spreading throughout your office and populating themselves throughout your space.

Mold is not only unsightly to look at, but it’s also hazardous if accidentally consumed by a person. If the problem gets severe enough, people can begin to feel very ill with flu-like symptoms, and until the mold is gone, the sickness will linger in your office. 

 Eagle Cleaning brings supplies to fight mold growth in offices. They destroy every last mold spore in your office. Healthy employees mean fewer sick days and a better work ethic for your company. Mold can happen anywhere and is easily overlooked. 

Pest Infestations will be reduced to a minimum.

Food always finds a way to get stuck somewhere somehow, no matter how often you clean and how sanitary your employees are. Even the smallest food item left open and exposed is an open invite for any bug, rodent, or another unwanted pest to come and have a feast. A pest infestation is sad news for any company, and while they are entirely avoidable, they still happen to even the most diligent offices.

If your trash stays full frequently or your office fridge is beginning to have one too many open containers, it may be time to have an office cleaning service. Regularly scheduled cleanings are the key to avoiding a confirmed infestation, even if you stay on top of cleaning and sanitation.

The pandemic is still around.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 is here to stay for a bit longer, meaning sanitation needs must be a priority in the office. Though everyone in the office should be wiping down every electronic and desk they use, sometimes things are understandably overlooked. The spread of the virus is preventable. You can help keep everybody in your office safe by hiring office cleaning professionals to sanitize and disinfect your entire office space thoroughly.

At Eagles Cleaning, we specialize in disinfecting services and promise to ensure we find every nook and cranny in your area to make it much safer. As previously mentioned, fewer sick employees mean the employees will stay healthy in the workplace. An office ridden with illness can’t accomplish anything, but a clean office with healthy employees can. Everyone deserves to work in an environment they feel safe and protected.

For extra precaution, ensure you and your employees always wear a mask if and when you come in close contact with one another. Covid-19 is not a virus to be reckoned with, and at Eagles Cleaning, we want to help make your office the safest and cleanest place it can be. 

Everything in your office looks new.

We all know the feeling when looking at older electronics and just taking note of the amount of dust sitting on top of them. However, suppose your employees dread looking over their monitors at their computers or avoid touching any surface that seems a little too dusty. In that case, it may be time to call some professionals to handle the dust bunnies. 

Dust is a collection of many things, but most importantly, it consists of dirt and bacteria that could be harmful if ingested by anyone sensitive or allergic to irritants. Wiping the dust off of the printer in your office or having to brush off the coffee machine in the break room shouldn’t have to be a daily task for anybody, so why not leave it to a professional office cleaning service?

Not only will they make sure to eradicate every last dust bunny, but the electronics in your office that once looked ancient and diminished will once again look shiny and new. Your office deserves a facelift once in a while, and employees work better in environments where the equipment and area are friendly and dust-free. Allow your office a sense of fresh, new surroundings and watch your employees flourish. 

You will have a more detailed cleaning.

The occasional vacuuming and wiping off the windows are excellent for your office occasionally, but it’s not what your space so desperately needs. There may be coffee spills littered across your carpet, or there may be a foul odor permeating from behind the break room fridge, and a spray of air freshener won’t cover up the fact that you might need a more detailed and focused cleaning at hand.

Luckily, professional office cleaning services offer a vast array of services your office may need, such as janitorial services, deep carpet cleaning, and disinfecting. It is so important to provide your office with these deep cleanings, it not only leaves you with good peace of mind, but it does the same for your employees. Allowing professional cleaners to customize a cleaning routine for your office will help determine what your space needs the most, and your employees and customers will thank you for it.

In addition, regular visits with office cleaning professionals will ensure that your company will always look, smell, and feel its best with minimal effort, leaving you confident in your office and team. So ditch the vacuum and spray bottle and allow a team that knows every tip and trick in the book to change your office for the better completely.

Professional office cleaning is essential for any office, no matter the number of employees or square footage. If you find yourself wanting more information or you have a few lingering questions, contact Eagles Cleaning here, and we will provide you with all that you need to get you started on revamping your office space.

Now more than ever, disinfecting every surface, nook, and cranny has become one of the most important things to do while cleaning an office. As we all slowly adjust to life during a pandemic, bacteria and viruses must be kept at bay to keep employees and customers safe. So how do you know when you need professional disinfecting services? Allotting cleaning services to one person doesn’t protect your office or day from germs and bacteria. At Eagles Cleaning, we specialize in Covid disinfecting services, so you will never have to worry about your employees potentially acquiring and harboring a virus. 

What exactly is the difference between cleaning an office and disinfecting it? 

There is a stark difference between simply wiping away any surface with a visible mess rather than eliminating any bacteria on every surface. Cleaning and disinfecting are two very different but essential tasks every office space needs. Cleaning an office includes emptying trash bags, occasionally vacuuming, and wiping down windows. Disinfecting an office makes it impossible for harmful bacteria and viruses to thrive in your work environment. Regularly disinfecting your office is a good practice for any office striving to achieve a reputation for cleanliness. However, knowing precisely what your office needs can be a bit tricky to determine. Here are a few things to remember when looking for a professional disinfecting service. 

Covid-19 is still a genuine concern.

Unfortunately, we are all living through a pandemic, and maintaining a clean work environment is essential today. It is so important to keep your employees and customers safe and healthy, now more than ever, and that’s where professional disinfecting services come in. It can seem easy enough to spray down all the desks and workspaces in your office with disinfectant, but it can be challenging to master without a janitorial service. Eagles Cleaning has not only mastered the art of disinfecting, but the process in which we disinfect is efficient and effective. While spraying and wiping away the chemicals immediately kills surface germs and bacteria, it doesn’t kill all of them. The methods we use include products that sit and eliminate every harmful microbe while providing a level of coverage to surfaces that completely cleanses even the most stubborn germs. 

With the COVID-19 virus still around, people will appreciate a clean and sanitary workspace. It can be one less stressor for those who have to work every day, and a clean office improves overall office morale and productivity. 

Your Carpet Needs a Serious Deep Clean

If you have a carpet office space, a lot of dirt, dust, and bacteria gather in its fibers. If not cleaned correctly, carpets can be breeding grounds for harmful germs that could lead to illness and bad allergies. 

Carpets take a lot of abuse; they withstand a lot and can also store a lot. Food, beverage spills, mud, dirt, and so many more particles can all hide within your seemingly pristine carpet. Over time, your carpet can be damaged if it goes without proper cleaning. If your carpet has only been vacuumed once in a while, it may be a good idea to consider deep carpet cleaning shampoo. Vacuuming cleans your carpet, removes surface particles during shampooing, and destroys harmful bacteria, leaving your carpet looking new and clean. If you’re noticing that high-traffic areas in your office, like doorways or common areas, are beginning to show wear and tear, then it may be time for an in-depth carpet cleaning. 

Recurring Use of electronics in your office 

Computers, tablets, and touchscreen personal devices are essential for office spaces. Keyboards, work surfaces, and other equipment should be cleaned daily. High-touch areas are some of the most unsanitary places in an office and don’t get cleaned efficiently. Dust can accumulate quickly in the regions that aren’t touched. 

At Eagles Cleaning, it is our job to ensure all of your electronics are as clean as the day they arrive at your office. If you share electronics amongst your employees, the bacteria and germs trapped on touch screen surfaces and keyboard keys could easily make your staff sick. Professional disinfecting services are the right fit for your workspace if you have your employees sharing devices with little sanitation practiced throughout. 

Maintaining a clean office, no matter how big or small, can be strenuous work for anybody without help. However, a disinfected office can gain the appreciation of both customers and employees while keeping everybody safe and protected against a potentially dangerous virus. Contact Eagles Cleaning here for further questions about our disinfecting and deep carpet cleaning services. 

For a business to run smoothly, the floors of the facility must be properly maintained. Without a doubt, floors accumulate a lot of outside residue as a result of people walking on carpet, hardwood, or any other surface. When commercial cleaners perform floor cleaning services, if they are not careful, they could make mistakes. In doing so, the surfaces can be left unkempt. One of the consequences is that the employee retention rate can drop. If customers of the company enter and exit the building to receive services, likewise, the business could lose clients.

All parties in the company trust a business when the building that they are in is properly cleaned. When there is trust in the company, the business can continue to thrive. Moreover, if there is more employee retention, the team can meet financial and other milestones. But, our current and prospective clients can rest easy knowing that Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems has laid out scenarios that depict ineffective cleaning. 

Performing Floor Cleaning Services in a Building With Expired Products

To start, one of the biggest mistakes customers can make is performing floor cleaning services with expired products. They will not clean the floors as effectively as newer ones can. And commercial cleaning companies must carry these products to better serve their clients. Here at Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems, our team combats the issue with fresh products that can clean your floors.

Not to mention that we have OSHA- and CDC-approved supplies that allow clients to meet workplace requirements under OSHA policies. It is worth noting that some products can last a few years. It is a good idea for company owners to read the label of any other container of their products for the expiration date.

Not Using the Proper Tools for Commercial Floor Cleaning Services 

Moving on to the next scenario, it is important that any business uses the proper tools to clean the facilities’ floors. Without doing so, the carpet, hardwood, or any surface can remain unclean. But, if company owners ensure that their floors are being cleaned with the right products, their workplace can be a suitable environment for their employees and customers. When this occurs, employee retention rates can rise and companies are less likely to go out of business as a result. 

One example of business owners practicing these cleaning measures is making sure tile floors are cleaned with a wet-dry vacuum. Or, they can ensure that carpeted floors are addressed with products that specifically clean carpet fabric. This can be found by reading the label of the spray or any other product. 

Not Being Careful When Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service Is Done With Water

Lastly, it is time to discuss how cleaning hardwood floor surfaces with water can be tricky. This is because clients can avoid damage to their building if they are cautious. One of the most important things to consider is that you can find damage, including cracks in your floors. The most effective way to ensure that clients can maintain their floors is by preventing as much water from touching the surface as possible.

A good rule of thumb is to spray the wet products on the tools themselves. That way, customers can minimize exposure of wood floors to water. By doing so, the wood can last even longer for your building. Therefore, workplace overseers won’t have to spend more on replacing floors with fresh wood. 

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