March 23, 2022

Top 4 Items That Need the Most Cleaning in a Restaurant

Once your restaurant reaches a certain size, and popularity, you may feel it is too much for the staff to clean. That is when you should employ restaurant cleaning services to help your restaurant. The well-trained staff at Eagles Commercial Cleaning Services may be just what you need. These are the four areas that tend to need the most attention.

1. Cooking Equipment Needs Commercial Restaurant Cleaning Services

Grease Traps

Empty all grease from the trap. Scrape any residual grease or crumbs from the trap. We scrub-clean, wash with soapy water, rinse well, and air dry.

Vent or Exhaust Hoods

We frequently find that businesses neglect this area, so we address it during our restaurant kitchen cleaning services. We will scrub, clean, and inspect its performance. It’s important to keep this equipment working to prevent smoke in the restaurant.

Refrigerator, Freezer, or Ice Machine

We wash and sanitize all racks, shelves, and drawers of all refrigerators and freezers. We also wipe down the outside of the appliances and check the condenser coils. Every six months, we descale the ice machines.

Commercial Dishwashers

We check for residual deposits on top and around the edges. We also check the drain for clogging. Our restaurant cleaning services include the bi-annual deliming of each dishwasher.

2. Kitchen Tools Need Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Services

Cooking Utensils

Soak and deep clean the utensils the chefs and cooks use in the food preparation process. These may get food embedded in the fork prongs or the knife serrations in continued use. At times, this food does not come off completely in the washing machine.

Cooking Surfaces

We realize the chefs and cooks clean all cooking surfaces while preparing meals. We do a deep cleaning weekly or monthly on your fryers, griddles, flattops, and ranges. We clean and inspect all cords and plug-ins.

Soda Fountains         

All automatic drink dispensers, front or back of the house, need regular cleaning and flushing out. Be sure to clean and sanitize all tips and areas the customers’ dishware might contact. Commercial restaurant cleaning services sterilize any areas that come in direct contact with patrons.

3. Floors Need Deep Cleaning Regularly

Floor Mats

The mats collect foods, grease, and dirt. They are one of the dirtiest areas that restaurant kitchen cleaning services encounter. We take up all of the mats, soak if needed, scrub, rinse then hang to dry.

Kitchen Floors

Once pulling up the mats, we sometimes discover the floors actually haven’t been cleaned in a while. Someone may have swept and mopped nightly, but they were only cleaning the top of the mats. The floors need a good cleaning and polish.

4. Front of House Needs a Thorough Cleaning

Floors and Carpets

You sweep and clean the floors in your serving areas nightly, but they need a regular deep clean. Food and dust collect in the corners and gaps in the tiles creating an unkempt look. Carpeting can be even worse. Fluids will soak into the carpet, resulting in stains, odors, and rotting. Our restaurant cleaning services will buff and polish your hardwood or tile floors. We can also deep clean your carpets.

Walls, Decorations, and Ceilings

We recommend regular cleanings of the walls, any artwork, and decorations on the walls. We also clean the ceiling to eliminate any dust and dirt collecting there. These commercial restaurant cleaning services are sometimes overlooked.

Restaurants are regulated by CDC, OSHA, DHHS, USDA, FDA, and FSIS. Restaurant cleaning services, like all commercial office cleaning, must follow these guidelines. Our staff at Eagles Commercial Cleaning Services know the regulations and follow them. We can work with or around your staff to accomplish your goals. We want to help you improve your restaurant and increase your patronage.

Please contact us at our Tampa office at 813-621-7072, or the Orlando office at 689-444-0753. You can also go to our Contact Us page and we will get back to you. We look forward to implementing our thorough commercial office cleaning services in your restaurant soon.

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