March 23, 2022

Top 6 Items That Need the Most Cleaning in the Office

The most effective commercial cleaning services are designed to suit every type of industry. Each industry has specific needs and requirements. A physician’s practice has OSHA regulations that set it apart from a metal fabricating company. However, some commercial cleaning services apply to almost every office. Eagles Commercial Cleaning Services recommends that these six areas are cleaned consistently. After the initial deep clean, our crew can design a plan that works for your staff and overall business guidelines.

1. Lobby Areas Need Commercial Office Cleaning

We wipe down the walls, light switches, light fixtures, and ceiling fan blades. Wipe off the greenery leaves (live or artificial). Dust any picture frames, awards, lamps, and any interior decorations. We then vacuum or dust curtains and blinds. We pay extra attention to this area because it will make a first impression on your guests.

2. Dirty Workstations? Hire Commercial Office Cleaning Services

We cover the entirety of each office. We wipe down the walls or cubicle separators, the top of every desk, and all other horizontal surfaces. A good commercial office cleaner knows to show respect for the employees that work at the desks. Most people do not like cleaners to move the items on their desks. We wipe off the computer, laptop, keyboard, mouse pad, or printer. We also clean office chairs and spaces under each chair. We wipe off the walls and dust the picture and certificate frames. Then, we’ll wipe light switches and door handles on both sides.

3. Break Rooms Could Use a Break

Commercial office cleaning services staff may find interesting issues during the initial break room cleaning. But, we have found that once we get the area clean it is not difficult to maintain. We start with cleaning out the refrigerator. Our commercial office cleaning staff will clean out the inside of the refrigerator and clean the racks. If possible, we will clean out the freezer as well. The outside of the refrigerator/freezer will also need attention. We’ll then clean out the microwave, coffeepot, and all countertops. Cleaners should also address the table and chairs, and any other furniture in the breakroom. Lastly, we’ll wipe down the walls, light fixtures, and door handles.

4. Bathroom Care Is Essential

Commercial cleaning services must be very thorough in bathroom cleaning. Every part of the bathroom must be cleaned and sterilized. If guests use the restrooms, commercial office cleaning services are necessary on a daily basis. We clean all countertops and sinks with sanitized solutions. The toilets and urinals are cleaned and sanitized, too. We will then refill the hand soap and lotion dispensers. Our cleaners even polish faucets and dispensers. Finally, we will refill the toilet paper and the seat cover dispensers.

5. Take Out Trash Often

Our commercial office cleaning service includes collecting and taking out the trash from every can in the office. Trash can not only harbor odors, but attract pests. If trash builds up in areas that clients or customers see, they may think poorly of your business.

6. Hire Professional Floor Care Services

We will treat your floors if you have contracted with Eagles Commercial Cleaning Systems for additional floor services. We will sweep, polish, buff, vacuum, or render the appropriate care. We have the equipment and the products to conduct the best to care for your floors. If they have been neglected in the past, you will be impressed with the results of our work.

Other types of businesses have areas that need consistent cleaning. If we are working with a large production industry, we establish a clear understanding with the employer in regards to the areas and the equipment they want us to clean. It is important that these boundaries are established early so our commercial office cleaning services will be clear on their duties. Good communication is very important.

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