March 23, 2022

Why You Need to Disinfect Your Office

A clean office has always been important for health and client satisfaction. Now, it is necessary to not only clean, but disinfect, too. You do not want to be responsible for a customer, guest, or employee’s illness. Eagles Commercial Cleaning Services offers a wide variety of disinfection services. We allow you to customize commercial sanitizing services that work best for you.

The most important job we have is keeping your business clean and safe. We can relieve you from the stress of worrying about commercial sanitizing services. Our service allows you to focus on the success of your business instead.

Our Disinfection Services

Disinfection cleaning services are our specialty. We have customers in various industries, including banks, retail, education, and production. Foodservice clients have specific requirements to meet. Meanwhile, our healthcare and hospital clients require the most stringent level of disinfection services. We continue to excel in meeting those requirements.

Eagles Commercial Cleaning Services starts our partnerships with an initial cleaning. This is a very extensive, thorough cleaning to remove any ground in or piled up dust and dirt. We ask your staff to point out any problem areas where they want us to focus. Following that cleaning, we will set up a maintenance schedule. You determine the services you want and the frequency of the services. Our primary categories are as follows:

Commercial Cleaning Contract

You specify the standard commercial sanitizing services as frequently as necessary. You may want specific tasks done daily, others weekly, and others once a month. We can help you with the OSHA and CDC requirements for your industry.

Floor Cleaning Contract

This ensures that your floors are clean and safe. We are equipped to perform disinfectant cleaning services on any material used for flooring. You can add this to the rest of the Commercial Cleaning Contract.

Carpet Cleaning Contract

It is a necessity that you keep your carpeted floors clean. Carpet can retain smells, rot, and contamination. Add this to the Commercial Contract and a floor cleaning contract if you have various types of flooring.

Window Cleaning Contract

We clean the windows on the first floor, inside and outside. Your windows will be clear, and streak-free. You can add these services to the Commercial Contract.

Maintenance Contract

You specify the areas on which you want us to perform maintenance. It may be a simple task, like changing filters. Or, you may need us to perform minor repairs when something breaks. We can customize this contract to work for you. You can add this to any or all of the above contracts.

How We Perform Disinfectant Cleaning Services

We wipe down every available surface with commercial-grade, OSHA, and CDC-approved products. We scrub what needs extra attention. We can clean up your break room, take out your trash, and wipe down all of your phones. We will do commercial sanitizing services if you have contracted for floor service. We have the machines for buffing and polishing your floors. We have the equipment to clean your carpeted surfaces and disinfect those also. Sanitizing and disinfecting are considered in everything we do. We will set up a maintenance contract designed for your needs.

Why Disinfection Matters

While cleaning surfaces ensures they look, feel, and even smell clean, disinfection is another necessary step. When cleaning services take care to disinfect offices, they help eliminate dangerous microbes. Commercial-grade disinfectants eliminate viruses, bacteria, and fungi before they can spread and cause illness. This keeps you, your employees, and your clients healthy.

Disinfection also prevents mold, which can deteriorate valuable materials like wooden shelving. Take care to have commonly used areas, like telephones, disinfected regularly.

Who We Are

At Eagles Commercial Cleaning Services, we are well trained in disinfectant services. We continue training as advances are made and updates issued. We always have the most up-to-date products and equipment. Disinfectant cleaning services are available in Tampa, Orlando, and other franchise locations. To get a quote, the Customer Quote link is the next step. One of our courteous Customer Service Representatives will get in touch with you. If you prefer to call the Tampa office, call 813-621-7072 or Orlando at 689-444-0753.   

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