Window Cleaning

Windows are one of the most important assets of your business in multiple ways. When they are dirty, they can become an extremely visible eyesore. When they are dirty or smudged, it can greatly reduce the amount of natural light that is being let into the business.

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Window Cleaning Services

On the bright side, Eagles Cleaning is ready to help you restore those filthy windows back to their former glory with our thorough window cleaning services. Continue reading to see what properly clean windows can do for your business and how we go about it.

Windows Are a Large Part of Your Image

Realistically, windows have a large impact on how people see your business. Walking into a business with obviously filthy and smudged windows can be off-putting and may make a person second guess becoming a customer. Conversely, well-maintained and cleaned windows are very apparent when someone enters the room. They show that the business cares about its image and takes care of its space. This is especially true if there are large windows in the lobby or service areas that everyone can see.

Dirty Windows Diminish Ambient Light

Not only do clean windows look nice, but they are also important for letting in ambient light. As mentioned above, dirty and smudged windows will greatly reduce the natural light coming in, which can make you have to use more interior lights, even during the day. Natural lighting generally looks better, can boost the moods of employees, and will help you cut down on the power bill.

Outdoor Window Cleaning

We offer outdoor window cleaning for business buildings of all types, including retail, office buildings, manufacturing centers, and more. Depending on the location and environment of the business, it can be pretty easy for windows to gather dirt and dust on the outside. If this is allowed to continue for an extended period, it can become caked on. We are ready for any challenge and have right products and tools to get your windows back to their former shine.

It is important to note that we only handle outdoor window cleaning on the ground level. Our employees are not equipped to get up to the windows on any higher stories. If you do happen to need higher story windows cleaned, we recommend that you contact a dedicated high-story window cleaning company.

Indoor Window and Mirror Cleaning

Despite warnings against it, there are still people who will put their hands or fingers on windows, which leads to smudges and fingerprints. Of course, this is not the only way that windows get dirty on the inside, as dust and grime can also build up on them. Fortunately, we are great at cleaning windows and getting all of these things off the surface to leave your windows with a streak-free shine. As part of our indoor window cleaning, we can also tackle any mirrors in the facility, as these can have the same issues.

How You Can Incorporate Our Window Cleaning Service

Our window cleaning services are typically not included as part of our normal evening janitorial services. Although, outdoor and indoor window cleaning can be added to the routine so that it gets done regularly. If the windows at your business are generally not subject to much dirt or handprint smudge, you can also request window cleaning as a one-time service periodically. This way, you can just have it done when it is finally needed.

Our Commitment to Green

Our window cleaning service and all of our other services are certified green. We do this to help protect the planet as well as the health of you and your employees. Unfortunately, many of the commercial cleaners that are commonly used contain harsh chemicals that leave behind harmful odors or residue. While this may not necessarily be an issue when used on the outside of windows, it can cause a lot of irritation when used on the inside of a closed space.

All of the chemicals that we use are safe, biodegradable, and fragrance-free to reduce the potential for irritation. We also color code all of our cleaning cloths and chemicals to prevent the chance of cross-contamination while we are cleaning your business. To help cut down on waste, we use reusable microfiber towels that trap dirt and grime, and all of our tools are made out of recycled materials.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our primary goal when cleaning any business is to always deliver a high-quality result and we don’t settle for anything less. In fact, we are so committed to this level of quality that if you find anything unsatisfactory, we will rapidly make it right. We have high standards and you likely do as well, and we aim to meet those. During the course of delivering our cleaning services, we will occasionally survey your business to make sure that everything is being done properly. If there are any issues, we can fix them and adapt them for the future. If you are working with one of our franchise locations, you can be sure that they have been adequately trained to provide high-quality services.

Eagles Cleaning is Ready to Provide All the Cleaning Services You Need

We have been in the cleaning business for multiple decades, which has allowed us to provide some of the best results possible. We look forward to working with your business and making it look nicer than ever.

Your business is unique and this means that it needs a tailored cleaning service plan. When you initially contract with us, we work with you to craft the right service plan that will handle all of your business’s needs and any additional services that you desire. If you have any questions about our services or are ready to let us help, contact our home office or the closest franchise location.

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